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Not so strange if Netanyahu acted under the orders of Sheldon Adelson. Not just any Israel, but a rightist, supremacist, arrogant, violent, expansionist, annexationist, non-compromising, colonialist Israel. That is the journalistic recipe for attracting the masses anywhere in the world.

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It became a ferocious enemy of Netanyahu. That's where Zionism comes in.

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Both in Israel and the US, legal and illegal funds pour into the campaign, directly and indirectly. The casino opens at 1pm and closes at 5am. This resort is also an all inclusive-resort offering nine bars, six restaurants, fitness center, spa, theater, tropical gardens, beach, and children's clubs.

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The eastern coast of the Dominican Republic is also home to many casinos. His stooge, Dermer, induced the Republicans in Congress — all of them dependent on Adelson's largesse or hoping to be so — to invite Netanyahu to give an anti-Obama speech before both Houses.

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But many people, including himself, believe that he, being a Jew, has a perfect right to interfere in our affairs and dominate our lives. Yossi Werter, a commentator of the center-left Haaretz which has a far lower circulation even believes that the present election boils down to a contest between the two papers.

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But Netanyahu was furious. Election propaganda is made on television, which is very expensive. To assure casino unab republica, they did an extraordinary thing: Miriam Farbstein was born in Haifa, attended a prestigious high school, did her army service in the Israeli institute which deals with bacteriological warfare and is a multifaceted scientist.

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The vote was 43 to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, of course. We are still a democracy, for God's sake!

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He also owns Binyamin Netanyahu. Why did Netanyahu do such a foolish thing less then half way through his third term of office? In "Bibi" Netanyahu they found their man. The Israel Hayom newspaper is, of course, a big propaganda machine, totally devoted to the re-election of Netanyahu.