Slot canyons anza borrego desert Alaska Photographer Ron Niebrugge

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Experts agree that early morning is best; once the tourists descend, all hope for quiet is lost. Usually it is due to lack of preparation, such as not having proper hiking equipment, plenty of water and also a map of the area.

Both of these hikes are also worth the effort. The park houses more than six miles of trails, and thanks to strict rules, they are likely to be relatively quiet. For absolute silence, avoid the valley and aim for the mountains. If you feel they are unsafe, please do not try to climb them. However if you are planning to hike the ladder canyon and make the complete loop it is a difficult hike and it should only be attempted if you are in very good shape, and you are properly prepared with the right equipment, water and other hiking necessities.

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See more on the hike below after some information on current conditions, and some tips for hiking in the area. The arrow points the way: Keen eyed wildflower enthusiasts will also find the rare Mecca aster, a lilac tinted bloom resembling a daisy. Layers of eroded rock, some over million years old, have been pushed up and overturned by the activity of the San Andreas Fault system.

If all you do is walk the main canyon it is an easy to moderate hike in difficulty, but the soft sand in the canyon floors can be a little hard on the ankles. In fact, the nearest city — Fairbanks, Alaska — is nearly miles away. When you reach the canyon, go the right and stay right at any junction.

Park Associations

Directions to the Mecca Hills: The mountains are a wilderness, with no paved roads in or out or through. Far from a wasteland, the Great Basin is a diverse region that awaits your discovery.

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The Muir Woods Named for naturalist John Muir, this forest of giant redwoods is only a few miles outside of San Francisco, but fortunately, it mostly escapes the sounds from the city. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

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Slot canyons anza borrego desert you go remember to leave no valuables in your vehicle, especially in plain sight. After about a mile, you will reach several more ladders, which lower you to the canyon below. According to a Yahoo!

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When you get to the top, the trail will take you up the side of the hills to the trail that skirts the top edge of Painted Canyon. Occasionally Bighorn sheep cross over from the Orocopia Mountains on the east looking for water.

We usually hike through the slot canyon with the ladders, then go to the right at the top and then drop down into the main canyon where the trail lets you.

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The trail will follow the canyon until it slopes down into Big Painted Canyon to the right of you, and just walk down into the canyon and turn right back the direction you came. Remember also that you will be in a wilderness area many miles away from food and water, so take plenty of both with you.

Milkweed Canyon is accessible by foot, and features pools, waterfalls, and pink limestone walls.

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They are the home of the peninsular bighorn sheep, often called desert bighorn. It is also a good idea never to hike alone, and to have a cell phone with you in case of emergency.

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This arctic wonderland is comprised of more than 19 million barely-inhabited acres that are so remote visitors must venture in via floatplanes and ski planes.

Instead return the way you came and hike either the Big Painted Canyon the one you took to find the Ladder Canyon…or the Little Painted Canyon that leads to the left of the parking area. Featuring twelve wilderness areas, the park provides plenty of opportunities to retreat into silence and commune with nature — which is plentiful. This is the best by far: