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In the new version, Andy's friend is pictured asking him: Get a copy of The Straits Times or go to straitstimes. Gamblers and World Cup fanatics attacked the advertisement, which showed a sad Singaporean boy complaining that his father had bet all his savings on Germany to win the World Cup. In a statement, it said selecting Germany "injected a sense of realism in our messaging, since no one will bet on a potentially losing team.

If anything, the kid's dad knew who he was betting on.

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Real smart and clever way to drive home the message! It said the idea was to deter people from getting carried away by the World Cup hype. My dad bet all my savings on them. Did you get your savings back? The Singaporean National Council on Problem Gambling has been running a gambling problem awareness TV ad that became a target of endless jokes in the last few days.

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Go get your savings from your daddy. Among the tools offered by Winner Casinoplayers can find deposit limiting options and a self-exclusion program of up to 6 months. Some felt that it was a weak attempt to save what was a disastrous campaign. At least two Chinese citizens jumped from buildings due to World Cup excesses, though only one of those was associated with gambling excesses.

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The National Council for Problem Gambling tweaked its ad, in anticipation of such an outcome. It is not about winning or losing, it is the fact that it never stops," said Mr Joseph Wong on The Straits Times' website. That happened when Mario Goetze chested a pass and struck a perfect ball into the back of the net in the th minute for Germany.

Did you get your savings back? But after Germany's success, people took to social media, joking that Andy's father should be congratulated. Reaction from the World Media Such a sentiment probably gives an anti-gambling public policy group too much credit for picking winners.

Go get your savings from your Daddy, tell him please don't do this again, and you get ready for school. Winner's program for responsible gaming is a good example as it provides players with advice on how to diagnose symptoms of problematic gambling habits and how to treat them.

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The National Council on Problem Gambling said last week it had chosen West point casino in the advert to inject a sense of "realism" into its message. Did you get your savings back? Bets on football matches are only allowed to be placed three rivers casino veterans day state-owned bookmaker Singapore Pools.

In the TV version of the ad, which debuted last month when the World Cup kicked off, a sullen young boy named Andy tells his friends in the playground that his father had used all of Andy's savings to bet on Germany to win the tournament. He wants to bet one more time. No doubt, many gamblers face financial troubles for wagering too much on football biggest event.

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The same picture is used, with the same dejected little boy complaining to a friend. The final showed that defense tends to best offense, as the teams had trouble scoring as easily as they had in earlier stages of the tournament.

The squads played 90 minutes without a goal, so they played another 30 in attempt to decide a winner before penalty kicks. The jibes made at the original commercial reached fever pitch after Germany's thrashing of Brazil in the semi-final, and the ad was even picked up by international media including the United States' The Wall Street Journal and British newspaper The Guardian, as well as talkshow host Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show.

The second TV spot features a group of Singaporean world cup anti gambling ad who are having a lively discussion on their predictions for the winner of the World Cup, when one of them expresses his hope that Germany will win because his dad bet his whole life savings on them. Andy, OK you can stop smiling.

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Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and The Netherlands. Did you get your savings back? The Germans came in the favorite this time around, but Argentina was the only team to have won its every match in the tournament, and they had the player widely considered to be the best in the world: On Wednesday, Late Night Talk Show host Jimmy Fallon encouraged the sad kid from the ad, saying that now his father is so rich that he won't even have to go to college.

Sad piano music is cued and a message is displayed: Police in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore raided major illegal gambling rings.

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The NCPG has been steadfast in defending the ad. Gambling is hugely popular in Singapore but tightly regulated, with soccer bets only allowed to be placed through state-owned bookmaker Singapore Pools.

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The National Council on Problem Gambling's commercial was lampooned around the world after Germany thrashed Brazil in the semi-finals, sparking jokes that the ad would encourage rather than deter gambling. The government launched the anti-gambling council in - before it allowed two multi-billion dollar gaming resorts to open in The council said last week it had chosen Germany in the ad to inject a sense of "realism" into its message and that the idea was to deter people from getting carried away by the World Cup hype.

Officials updated the ad, with the boy's dad gambling away his winnings. The laughs got louder after Germany beat Argentina early in the final, with many people taking to social media to congratulate Andy on his family's good fortune.

Government-run sports betting and the lottery are hugely popular in the tightly controlled Southeast Asian city-state of 5.

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The news reports only hint at the full impact gaming—and especially problem gambling—had on people around the globe. The two national teams faced each other in the and World Cup Finals, with either team winning a match.