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The series has been with us for a few years and that means it has evolved over time. The front tires are just barely touching the track and they roll under power. Your track and preference will be different so simply use what you like.

As you can see, there is an improvement.

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This is just something YOU will have to experiment with. Tuning is a lot of fun. After I install the motor I use screws to secure it in place. I usually start with just trimming about half of the existing exposed wire and then the matching distance on the coating. We have been doing this for years and like the results.

Besides, the free spins feature and jackpot guarantee that the game is also highly rewarding.

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The chassis was also slightly changed in the guide area. Since the wheels on Slot.

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You also might want to do this if you are using slightly oversize tires as they will likely make contact. If you are in a hurry you can try a couple coats of Pledge FloorCare Future floor wax.

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It only takes a few seconds to slice through. You just sand enough to make sure the tire does not rub the chassis. Onward To The Front! Don't Get Shafted Although having the dual shafts is great for compatibility, the excess length can cause issues as you see on the stock motor.

One of the main reasons is that it has what I look for most in a slot car: My first step is to true the front wheels. And there are ways to make it happen by either coating the front tires or just purchasing Slot. I prefer to use set screws top and bottom which allows me to fine tune the height and minimize vertical free-play.

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Remove the set screw that holds the wire into the guide. I install the assembly on the Tire Razor and give the wheels a clean up, then glue on the tires and perform another session. Now loosen the wheel and set it where it needs to be and check slot it cw09.

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I do not like coating the tires with spt mountain casino polish.