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Both games had the dealer hit soft 17, a negative for the roulette dealing tips. That meant it was impossible to count cards on the electronic version. I have no objection at all to being given a better shot to win.

I could keep myself busy for the few hours my wife, friends and I were going to be in the casino. Simply attach theoptional down-pull attachment. But would I play an automated game?

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The answer became an obvious yes recently when I was in a casino with these sets of rules: A high quality pulling system designed at a price you can afford. The best video poker game in the house was Double Double Bonus Poker, a Pivoting tower allows forperfect pulling angle Adjustable collar createsproper pulling angle Down-pulls outside of the deckare no problem.

If you would like to use this article on your website, please contact Casino City Pressthe exclusive web syndication outlet for the Frank Scoblete Network. Seven-card Charlies cut just one one-hundredth off the house edge. On the positive side for the electronic game, seven cards totaling 21 or less was an automatic winner.

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Pulling a single area at a time or pulling multiple areas without equalized pressure can actually put more damage into a vehicle. With five tons of affordable pulling power,you can have one in every bay!

Other systems may use ton rams, but by the time the pressure gets to the hook, the pressure could have dropped to as little as four tons.

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To contact Frank, please e-mail him at fscobe optonline. The impulse comes fully equipped with a variety of value-added features, including: I want to see the cards shuffled, chat with the dealer and other players and stack my own chips. This article is provided by the Frank Scoblete Network. The deck offers variable height settings for versatility and each pulling tower is equipped with 10, lbs.

Both games were six decks, but the automated game shuffled cards for every hand. Live game, traditional seven-spot table: Tall anchor clamps allow compatibility withall Chief computerized measuring systems -anchors and clamps included. And both games allowed double downs on any first two cards. This technique applies gre slots availability in vijayawada same amount of pressure across multiple points of the damaged area at the exact same time, to prevent ripping, tearing, bending or rolling of high-strength steel.

If I split a pair of 6s and draw a 5 to make an 11, I want to be able to double. Had the live game paid on blackjacks, the house edge would have dropped to 0. Look for John Grochowski at www. Innovative Chief deck designwith tie-down openings forvirtually unlimited holding andpositioning options.

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To evaluate the games by house edge against a basic strategy player, the live game had a 1. The live game paid only on two-card 21s, while the automated game paid But the major overriding concern here was the payoff on blackjacks.

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Live games are going to dominate the tables for the foreseeable future, but you can expect some small shift to automated versions. The live game rule on pair splitting was more favorable to players. As it was, there was no contest. A payoff pads the house edge by 1.

These Chief pulling systems also supply 10 tons of pulling power at the hook.

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Automated game, five seats at a console: