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The "grounds" before the mansion home was built in was named after Toof's daughter, Grace. The name or reference of "Graceland" use in pop culture[ edit ] The title of Paul Simon 's album Graceland as well as its title track were inspired by Elvis' home, the latter describing Graceland as a holy place through its lyrics.

If there was ever a question of Johnny being an actual musician, the answer is Yes, he is!

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He says they would love it, that was their sense of humour. The brick wall that encloses the mansion's grounds is covered with graffiti that express an admiration for the singer as well as petitions for help and thanks for favors granted. The south wall has three built-in television sets, a stereo, and cabinets for Elvis' record collection.

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Koizumi, who served as Prime Minister of Japan from tois an avid Elvis Presley fan and even shares Presley's January 8 birthday. When he would tour, staying in hotels, "the rooms would be remodeled in advance of his arrival, so as to make the same configurations of space as he had at home — the Graceland mansion.

This song was later covered by Cher and Lonestar among others. The racquetball court is reminiscent of an old country club, furnished in dark leather and a functional bar. To the right of the Entrance Hall, through an elliptical-arched opening with classical details, is the Living Room, with the adjoining Music Room behind a doorway framed by vivid large peacocks set in stained glass.

We wanted to pay our respects and see what this place was all about. Every year around Christmas, Lisa Marie Presley and all her family would go to Graceland to celebrate Christmas together.

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Charlene and my friends wanted to be here today for this visit, Elvis touched our lives as well and the lives of so many people. There is a sunken sitting area with the ever-present stereo system found throughout Graceland, as well as the dark brown upright piano upon which Elvis played for what were to be his last songs, Willie Nelson 's " Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain " and The Righteous Brothers ' " Unchained Melody ".

Adjacent to the Living Room is a bedroom that was occupied by Elvis' parents. To the left is a white fireplace.

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Reports conflict about which one was the last song. As I walked around the venue, I was hearing talk of Alice as usual, but it was interesting to overhear the conversations about Johnny Depp. This section needs additional citations for verification. Elvis Presley lay in state in a pound copper-lined coffin just inside the foyer while over 3, of Elvis' mourning fans passed by to pay their respects.

The new wing initially housed a slot car track and to store his many items of appreciation, but was later remodeled to what is now known as the Trophy Building. Elsewhere on the estate is a small white building that served as his father's office; an old smokehouse that housed Elvis' shooting range; and a fully functional stable of horses.

History[ edit ] Graceland Farms was originally owned by Stephen C.

The song won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in Being a Doors fan, I especially liked this part of the show. Would I return to Casino Rama for another show? We know him as an actor and until quite recently, most of us never knew of his love for music. The bedroom also has an en-suite full bathroom done in pink.

Above the main entrance is a window with a shallow iron balcony.

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Joe Perry, The Hollywood Vampires. Graceland continued to be occupied by members of the family until the death of Elvis' aunt Delta inwho had moved burgers near crown casino at Elvis' invitation after her husband's death.

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The band was put together to pay homage to the memories of way too many of these people who left us prematurely. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Graceland was one of the tourist stops for the fan bus in Depeche Mode The front and side facades of the central block are veneered with tan Tishomingo limestone from Mississippi, and its rear wall is stuccoed, as are the one-story wings.

The room features rounded curio cabinets in the north end corners of the room, and black marble flooring in the center of the room, with carpet around the perimeter. Presley also installed a kidney shaped swimming pool and a racquetball court.

Inthe Jungle Room was converted into a recording studio, where Presley recorded the bulk of his final two albums, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee and Moody Blue ; these were his final known recordings in a studio setting.

The painting that was Elvis' last Christmas present from his father, Vernon, hangs in this room. The film Miles to Graceland is about a group of criminals who plan to rob a casino during an international Elvis week, and to make it easier, they are all disguised as Elvis impersonators.


They play mostly cover songs made famous by some of the people who patronized the drinking club. The fans expressed severe lack of interest in visiting the location, calling it "boring. We peeked in the not-yet-curtained windows and got a kick out of the pastel colored walls in the front rooms with shades of bright reds and purples that Elvis most certainly had picked out.