Islamic ruling on gambling The Evils of Gambling

Islamic ruling on gambling,

In addition, thousands and millions of Muslims become involved in this act of gambling with the result that it becomes an unending and everlasting vice. On the other hand gambling, which involves raffling or the lottery makes a person dependant on chance, luck and empty wishes taking him away from honest labour, serious work and productive effort.

Naturally, luck changes hands, the loser becomes the winner and the winner the loser. The purchaser of this ticket does not buy the ticket solely with the intention of just buying it but he buys it on the basis of it being a possible winning dice by which he can win the amount of money he has aimed for. Every iota balanced and scaled to perfection.

Many times these gatherings, which began with drinking and gambling ended in fights and riots.


Others who were about to swallow the alcohol immediately spat it out, numerous barrels were also destroyed in the process. After performing wudhu and ghusl we proceeded towards the Masjid where upon our arrival we found the blessed Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam reciting the aforesaid verse.

In an authentic hadith of Bukhari the Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam is reported to have said, "If one person says to another, 'Come lets gamble. However, I would seriously question this, a loser may seem composed but behind his composure is frustration, due to disappointment, anger at the loss of money and regret for not winning the game.

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They were manufactured and imbedded almost in every home and to drink had, so to speak, become a mark of advancement in culture. Some organisers fix huge prizes for the winners due to which the poor public think that the fees is only a small amount and will not bring no harm and therefore enter trying to win a substantial amount.

Their habit distracts a man from obligatory duties such as salaah and the remembrance of Allah.

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The first verse that was revealed regarding this, is in Surah Baqarah which is as follows: They quickly realized that something, which is predominantly disadvantageous cannot meet with the approval of Islam.

It is not only the illiterate who are involved, but the sad fact is that those who hold lofty positions in society and who are regarded as religious, because they perform their fasts and salaah, have also fallen prey to its evil clutches.

Because of this addiction, gambling takes a person away from the remembrance of Allah resulting in negligence of his duties towards his Creator. Intoxicants and gambling, worshipping stones and divination by arrows are impure, of shaytan's handiwork: On the other hand if his intention is solely to enter the exhibition with no desire of winning a prize, and wins the prize then it will not be classified as gambling according to the rules pertaining to gambling.

The National Lottery, a new religion, has hit Britain. Alternatively, without any religious excuse, a great amount of wealth is taken from the poor people's pocket and a single person is made to own it.

May Allah Ta'ala bestow the entire mankind with salvation and freedom from this disease, Aameen. Secondly, these prohibited things have been classified as being 'rijs' impurefrom which natural disposition abstains. Even if the company tries not to indulge in any form of cheating, and distributes the prize money justly, a substantial amount of money is left over which is the blood and sweat of the poor people.

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Besides Arabia, many other countries a qui appartient la banque casino also come within this vicious circle.

In proof of this, we can cite the example of Monte Carlo, the greatest gambling House in Monaco.

The words no sooner reached their ears that the cups were thrown to the ground. Alcohol was flowing and I was acting as the cup-bearer when suddenly the cry of the announcer reached our ears. Sounds of pitchers and jars being smashed up were soon audible from neighbouring houses. The people who help them in any form also become guilty of this particular major vice. The crusaders during a siege of the Islamic citadel of Azhar were forced to pass their time by developing new pass-times.

A large number of good Muslims are also caught in the web, not realising that they are gambling and that the earnings from the gambling are haraam. If you were asked to present your money to the winning person, would you willingly do so?

In some monthly magazines this form of gambling has expanded very widely and the income runs into millions from which the businesspersons gain overall benefit. Drinking bouts were also held. Because people have fallen prey to this disease, thousands of individuals are entering the lottery.