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Treasure went into the acid to look for it, and his crew, which had regrouped on the Shark Emeralda, tried convincing him to join them and stay alive, but to no avail.

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Some of its distinctive features include cross shaped mast and pitch-black body. Most characters also come in many different versions depending on what part of the manga they come from, or different promotional events.

PSY-types Only!

Clear adventures to expand your friend list and earn Rainbow Gems. There are various types of missions available in the game. These events may occur several times in the game.

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Many characters possess unique special abilities that can to help turn the battle in the player's favor. Just remember that going into Battle 8 with your Specials bound could possibly lead to very undesirable results!

Our Powerful, Slot-Changing Crew

Do not save extra crew members since your character box can initially hold only 20 members. They sailed to the island of Alchemi inside Bonbori's third stomach.

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If you agree to play the quest, your location in the game will be tweeted to all twitter followers. With loads of Gems, you can upgrade your ships and buy several resources. To boost your stats in the battle, invite your friends to help you in a quest.

By selling extra characters, you can earn Beli.

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When you clear various quests, you will receive titles such as Everbuild black jack dpm Hunter and Straw Hat. At last, victory is within our reach! This event lasts only for one week, so you need to keep a check on the next event dates.

You can upgrade your ships by spending Cola.

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You will have to use numerous strategies for completing these missions and earning game currencies. To chain your attacks, you should tap a new character at the right time as soon as the attacking character finishes their move.

His preemptive attack, Frank Service! Watch out for the PSY-type binding Assassins!

One Piece Treasure Cruise

The other in-game events do not take place in the Extra Isle. Beli is used for upgrading your characters. Try out different strategies and see what works best for you!

As we can see by the icon, Fossa can do quite a lot of destruction and one attack will inflict over 9, damage on our crew.

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However, the ship wrecked after an encounter with a giant whirlpool. Also, you can have a chain attack boost for getting good, great, and perfect. You will come across numerous events in the game that will keep you active as well as enable you to earn in-game currencies. With the imprisoned Straw Hats' help, Mad Treasure managed to enter the final gate, while he left the rest of his crew outside to deal with the other Straw Hats.

And as proof of our victory, we got the Whitebeard Pirates title!

Treasure Pirates

The game proceeds through a variety of islands based on the different story arcs of the series. The arrival of Thatch! Top that off with 60, Volt Jamboule, and Battle 8 should be a breeze! Some of these ships have been customized with special weaponry, which highly depends on the commander who is captaining them.