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Scorpion still hated Sub-Zero and later Quan Chi, even after he is restored to human form. They may either choose a pre-set voice or create a vocoded version of their own voice to speak as the intro animation is played.

In both she leads an all female group to defend the realms against evil. You can travel free form with the left analogue stick and clicking it in lets you sprint for a small cost in stamina, and you can direct a slight change in the camera angle with the right analogue stick and right click solidifies the camera angle.

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Players can make different stages based on unlocks. As for Scorpion, his human and revenant skins should be available right away. Each player can create a stage that can be randomly selected between two fighters.

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Each krypt point is worth. Fatalities are based on your stance, weapon, and element, and may be customized further by unlocking certain animations.

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Objects or actors can be placed based on amount of unlocks, colors and lighting and ambience can be used for free, and stage fatalities may be chosen based on certain stage unlocks. In Armaggeden he was, presumably benevolent, but in MK9 he was a tyrant. Each character can be customized based on unlocked costume pieces. It is more or less a given that Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Raidan will in it, which I am perfectly happy with.

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The seven bars are: In Armaggeden and MK9's arcade mode he becomes a protector god of earthrealm. Fatalities are based on a rythm game to keep them randomized and difficult to execute.

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Krypt Tokens are also gained with massive amounts of xp past the maximum level of a character. I see no reason they couldn't be added in MKXI. The higher you get in speed or strength of a single move, the more each increment costs in XP There are seven status bars that may also be raised with xp aside from health, which levels automatically depending on your level.

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If MK11 makes in into full-on MMO mode, you may traverse the small individual 3d maps which are themed based on your place in the storyline and the legendary characters you follow, and mounts are based on animality formsyou may enter a free for all, round robin, or double tag team based on four player groups on an instance of that map which loads by playing one of your slotted intro animations over the loading screen.

So in terms of Raidan already being Dark Raidan it would be closer to Armaggeden.

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Each character also picks a weapon unless they are pre built characters.