Slot floor layout

Slot floor layout. Kiss Slot Freeplay Version by WMS

Standard 8 Lane Track colours Lane number. Its advisable to go over a freshly laid length of conductor several times to ensure it is pressed down fully. The wiring is covered in part 5 of this series.

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The power can conveniently be connected here. The photos below show the braiding of the Ecurie Barnton track in Edinburgh. This advice appears to originate from the use of brittle copper tape often obtained from glazing suppliers which is prone to crack under tension.

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Some unsealed tracks show no signs of problems - short of having two tracks one sealed and one not in the same clubroom for some years slot floor layout is difficult to know how to be certain if sealing the underside makes a significant difference. The colour is a matter of personal taste - I've seen several tracks in anything from black to off whitesome shade of grey is most common - and looks reasonably near to the colour of a real road.

Copper isn't a very good spring material, and with time the tension will relax.

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From the examples I've seen in use, the braid is in excellent condition, so there is much to recommend this in place of impact adhesive. Some cutting of the track surface is usually necessary for lap counters - either to produce an isolated pick up section or to insert optical detectors in the slot.

The adhesive is very strong and is no appreciable thickness. Lap Counter Position Lap counters and hence the start line should always be where there is a minimum risk of counting errors. I could also mention painting your cars so as not to camouflage the lane stickers - but that's really a subject for another article.

In either case make sure the conductor is well pressed down into place after its laid. Avoid places where the cars slot floor layout likely to be up on two wheels e. The backing paper is removed from the tape immediately before the braid is laid right hand photo.

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If a tape is repaired after a couple of years it will be found to have lost all tension - although this does mean it that if its just come unstuck and is undamaged it can be relayed under tension, and there will be enough overlap to make a decent soldered joint. The tape comes in various widths, Barnton used 6mm wide tape.

Lane Colours For marshalling purposes it is essential to clearly mark the lanes so that the marshals know which lane a car goes in. Obviously it is possible for a car to be in the wrong lane on any part of the track, but on some parts of the track it will be relatively easy to observe which wrong lane it was in and correct the scores.

Experience from the builders of these tracks is that it is a much cleaner, better and quicker job than impact adhesive. Slot floor layout its easy for the marshal to identify the lanes there will be a lower risk of mistakes - and that's good news for everybody! It was very easy to lay even round tight bends.

I have experimented with ways of joining braid on the surface to avoid having to cut this extra slot - there are ways of joining braid without producing a bump, but I think they are more trouble than they are worth. Obvious comparisons to the NetEnt Guns N Roses slot will be drawn and inevitably, the Kiss slot falls a little short graphically, though the game mechanics are still right up there.

I leave you to decide if the extra time spent masking the braid recess or tapes is worth the time saved by not having to carefully brush paint all those edges.

Braid can be pulled up by contact with the guide when a car deslots, braids last longer if they are A well glued down on the edge nearest the slot and B there is a slight gap between edge of the slot and the start of the braid. Kiss Slot Rating 3.

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Some fairly robust paint such as polyurethane is good. I recommend smooth paint even if you will be running Scalextric hard not sponge tyres. Avoid places where the guide may be lifting out of the slot e. Paint can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Then after cutting to length the braid is wiped with a cloth soaked in brake cleaner again before laying. There is no point in pulling it beyond the point where the tape is permanently stretch, as this will not increase the tension in the tape, simply make it longer and thinner.

It is easier to lay braid accurately because there is a recess in the track which defines its position. These hard tyres will grip well on a smooth surface, masonry paint may produce slightly more grip when it is new, but the grip goes off fairly quickly and tyre wear is much higher.