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This eliminates the need for any connection to the classic bus or requirement to use the shared resource of the supervisor. Vigilant protection ensures business continuity and minimizes the effect of costly intrusions. The initial egress line card takes this information and forwards the data to the correct line card along the switch fabric.

This was first introduced into the Supervisor Engine Cisco integrated network security solutions enable organizations to protect their connected business assets and increase the efficiency of intrusion prevention systems. The supervisor then looks up the correct egress port, access lists, policing and any relevant rewrite information on the PFC.

So that is seven hundred and twenty gigabits. Notes on Cisco Catalyst architecture.

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The number is doubled because of the switch fabric being 'full duplex'. This helps minimize unplanned downtime through self-healing processes and simplifies software changes through subsystem in-service software upgrades. This is covered a number of documents but check the White paper link just below this which has a lot more information and is a complete reference to the architecture of the C The others continue forwarding and apply relevant egress queuing.

The packet is then sent across the switch fabric, queued in the egress line card before being sent.

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In this instance, an ingress packet is queued, but its destination looked up locally. Most new installation are completely fabric switched excepting for IP Telephony installations who use the oversubscribed model and like the QoS features of the C and the high power density of up to W in a single chassis.

Offering a high-performance, feature-rich platform suitable for deployment in campus, data center, WAN, and Metro Ethernet networks, the Cisco Catalyst Series provides a strong foundation for Borderless Networks, so you can connect anyone, anywhere, at any time. Cisco Catalyst E-Series chassis offer exceptional investment protection by supporting multiple generations of products on the same chassis, thereby reducing total ownership costs.

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In this mode, assuming all line cards have a switch fabric connection, an ingress packet is queued as before and its headers are sent along the dBus to the supervisor. At the back of the module you can actually see the chip that is the switching fabric: Host of the Packet Pushers Podcast on data networking at http: It also provides front-to-back airflow that is optimized for hot and cold aisle designs in colocated data center and service provider deployments and is compliant with Network Equipment Building Standards NEBS deployments.

The receiving line card queues the egress packet before sending it from the desired port. CatOS does have some functionality missing and [2] is generally considered 'obsolete' compared to running a switch in Native Mode.

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Not Comprehensive This post is not a comprehensive look at the modules and supervisor architecture. This is placed on the result bus rBus and sent to all line cards. These line cisco 6509 supervisor engine slot have 2x8gb connections to the switch fabric and no classic bus connection.

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The number is doubled to the switch fabric being 'full duplex'. Layer 3 operations, the switch must be run in hybrid mode. Or what does in Supervisor mean? Fabric Connections for C chassis. The C, C and C will present dual fabric connections while the C is dependent on slot.

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The reason 9 slots are used for the calculation instead of 8 for the cef is that it no longer needs to waste a slot with the switch fabric module. Unlike the previous examples, the line cards hold a full copy of the supervisor's routing tables locally, as well as its own L2 adjacency table i.

The speed of the classic bus is 32gb half duplex since it is a shared bus and is the only supported way of connecting a Supervisor 32 engine or Supervisor 1 to a This mode is the default shipping mode for Cisco products and enjoys support of all new features and line cards.

BlogCiscoDesignOperation Switching Fabric The Supervisor contains a gigabit per second crossbar switching fabric that providing for multiple conflict-free or non blocking paths between switching modules. The Switch Fabric connections look like this: