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June 9th, Seed Thought of the Week: All are advised to systematically remove their savings from the financial system and put that money into minted gold and silver coins, a little physical cash, and the real goods and tools that they can use casino tagaytay concert schedule flourish when the financial system dissolves.

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It is a lie. The pompeii slot machine for ipad spiritual practices and methods reflect humanity's present and future; not what was applicable to bygone evolutionary phases.

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Let the true price of precious metals emerge from the dark chambers of the Dark Forces and present its true value exoteric and esoteric to mankind. Or it may use the medium of a barter currency.

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How will end and what will bring? The sense of lack one feels is the Divine Discontent or that innate urging coming from the Soul to unfold. If people adopt selfishness, the "every-man-for-himself" attitude, in order to survive the financial crisis, wars and the earth changes, it will substantially reduce their ability to adjust to the incoming higher frequency vibrations.

Governments use a multitude of methods to manipulate statistics in order to forward their agendas.

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After the death of the physical body, life continues; you are essentially the same person, but with added powers. Sept 15th, Link to the August Newsletter posted. One must realize that more than just a financial status, being poor is a state of mind where one allows himself to be stripped of hope, pride and dignity, and to be controlled by his benefactor.

Those practicing barter now are preparing themselves and their communities for an easier transition into a balanced local economy based on what is real. All religions, no matter how disparate each one may be in form, have their fundamental meaning in One God, the God Within. Nov 11th, Link to the October Newsletter posted. One needs to realize that any happiness that folsom lake bowl casino casino tagaytay concert schedule on something or even someone never lasts.

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Nov 3rd, Seed Thought of the Week: Competition engenders fear, separation, and vast wasting of resources. Part of this involves freedom from dark force manipulations, raised levels of consciousness, true brotherhood, and abundance, all of which are a part of our entry into the golden age. Ignoring the end of cycle will not make it go away. Nov 24th, Seed Thought of the Week: Neither side in these wars has the slightest interest in justice.

July 7th, Seed Thought of the Week: When we realize our true identity as souls, not bodies, and discover and live our soul missions, we thrive. From our Philippine counterparts: Calmness and fortitude comes from an understanding of the current evolutionary cycle and from alignment with the Soul. Driven by greed and poverty, a significant majority is entrapped in all forms of gambling, from pleasurable and innocuous side-street wagers to lotteries, high stake casino games and the more sophisticated and absurdly massive speculations in derivative trades.

The sense of lack and insufficiency inherent in a person compels him to preserve himself by securing his future and continuously amassing what he feels will satisfy his want.

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Each citizen has the right to this demand for the gold reserve of their country to serve as the basis for the rebuilding of their country's monetary foundation in the even of a global economic collapse. Sept 1st, Seed Thought of the Week: