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Danish influence had reached into Pomerania. Using money raised by increasing taxes and by his sale of Estoniahe had by established control of Zealand and large areas of Funen and Jutland.

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Valdemar himself held Jutlandat least Schleswigas his possession. The civil war lasted the better part of ten years. Sweyn quickly launched an invasion, only to be defeated by Valdemar in the Battle of Grathe Heath on 23 October After his victory at Reval TallinnValdemar ruled over all of Estonia, and the country was divided into two bishoprics, Reval and Dorpat Tartu.

The following year he conquered Gotlandincluding its wealthy town of Visby.

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Asser was a member of the Hvide noble family and had been raised together with Valdemar's father Canute Lavard. Through his marriage to Helvig, sister of Valdemar, duke of Slesvig SchleswigValdemar Atterdag obtained northern Jutland and extended his control to the remainder of the alienated Danish lands. After the assassination of Gerhard in AprilValdemar reached an agreement with John and was recognized as king of Denmark.

Inthe Wendish capital, Arkonawas taken, and the Wends became Christians and subject to Danish suzerainty.

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On returning to Denmark, Valdemar faced a revolt by leading Jutland magnates, aided by the counts of Holstein; it was the first of a series of uprisings challenging the formidable personal rule that he had established. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Conflicts with his allies led to a reapportionment of the Estonian dominionsafter which he retained only Reval and northern Estonia.

The new king married the sister of the duke of South Jutland, who gave the northern quarter of North Jutland as her dowry; he began his reign with the reunion of Denmark as his first priority.

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Sweyn hosted a great banquet for Canute, Absalon, and Valdemar, during which he planned to dispose of all of them. After all the outbreaks had been quelled, a parliament met at Kalundborg to consolidate the peace and to define the reciprocal rights and obligations of the ruler and his subjects.

He effectively controlled the church and the nobility, reformed the legal codeand changed the legislative system to enlarge monarchical power, as described in his revised Law of Jutland The King reorganized and rebuilt war-torn Denmark.

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Valdemar returned to Jutland. Valdemar and Sophia had the following children: Active from in crusades to Christianize the eastern Baltic region, Valdemar launched a campaign in Estonia inaided by the Knights of the SwordBishop Albert of Riga, and a Wendish navy.


Canute was killed, but Absalon and Valdemar escaped. She was the half-sister of King Canute V of Denmark. In he left the imperial court, and, with the aid of the Emperor and of Louis, margrave of Brandenburg, he began a diplomatic offensive to wrest sovereignty in Denmark from Gerhard and John the Mild, counts of Holstein.

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Inthe three agreed to divide the country in three among themselves. Danish sovereignty was also challenged in Estonia, but by an agreement with the Knights of the SwordValdemar retained his possessions there. The marriage of his daughter Margaret to the Norwegian king Haakon VI in made possible the unification of Denmark and Norway, which valdemar slot denmark from until Learn More in these related Britannica articles:

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