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They said to me 'We're doing a period piece. Therefore, the plan was to release that album overseas and it was at that point that we struck a problem and the problem was very simple.

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Floods[ edit ] The largest recorded flood in the Hastings River at Wauchope occurred on 13 January and reached a peak level of 9. And for the moment, the performing mode is the dominant one. That first album seems to be quoted very often as a kind of a highlight so I'm fairly confident chalk gambling, even though people might have joined us around about the period of Man of Colours, a lot of those songs would have filtered through.

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Nonetheless, somewhere or other, I've got a copy of it and then I went on to write two ballets for the Sydney Dance Company which were the Dance Company's most successful ballets. In work commenced on the rebuilding of this supermarket.

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Last month the band performed a couple of reggae shows under the pseudonym Dubhouse. But that was where I was introduced to popular music and I went on to be influenced by not only classic psychedelic rock like Pink Floyd but also the 'Glam' movement and ultimately of course, when the punk movement arrived, there was a kind of explosion as there was an explosion of technology and that was something that really interested me so Flowers ended up being a peculiar hybrid of a punk band with synthesisers.

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It wasn't designed as a ballet or even the basis of a ballet at the outset but it just evolved into that with a co-writer Max Lambert who was playing piano on The Berlin Tapes with me. My two friends were shortly to be eligible for conscription to be sent to Vietnam so it was kind of a serious time for music really.

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It was off the back, I guess, of the punk movement and it was quite a long time in relative terms - seven or eight years - when Man of Colours came out. And of course the Opera House has just had an anniversary and I was involved in some of the interviews around that because, in the very early days of the Opera House functioning, I was actually involved and I was still a teenager.

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The main street includes the Co-op general store previously Parkers and a number of smaller businesses and local bank branches. Now that was a completely different audience.

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We started playing to 20, — a lot of them twenty odd year olds — and my bass player kind of nudged me in the ribs and said 'Check out how many of them are singing all the lyrics. To the east of the main shopping area is the railway line from Sydney.

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Around about that time also, I requisitioned my big brother's acoustic guitar. The flood, which is notorious for the damage it caused in the lower reaches of the river, is only ranked as the eighth highest flood at Wauchope.

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My recollection is that I was a little bit older than that - I was awe struck by a parade. Whenever I think about doing something from the Flowers album, I'm wondering whether we're leaving behind all the people who joined us years later or whether they've gone back and studied that first album.

A wharf was built at the northern iva davies crown casino of Cameron Street for shipping produce downstream to Port Macquarie, but this no longer exists. Other major floods occurred at Wauchope in February 8.

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And then it so happened that of the three and a half million people watching that performance, leading up to the countdown and fireworks, Peter Weir was watching his television set he lives literally over the hill from where I do and so inI got a phone call out of the blue from Bahia, Mexico where he was filming Master and Commander on location and he said 'That piece of music that you did for the millenium; I want you to write a film score iva davies crown casino on that style for my movie,' so that of course changed into another epic job and then out of that, of course, I was approached by an English production company.

The flood was estimated[ by whom? The main street is High Street a small section of the Oxley Highwayrunning generally westward through the town after coming east from Port Macquarie and across the North Coast railway line. As Iva explains, performing is what is driving him right now.

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