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It is found in the Journey Into Space district and creates a trail of fire behind the player after sliding which damages zombies in their pursuit. Defeat the Alien Boss: DJ Hasselhoff will give you speakers. It is a three-round burst energy rifle with good stopping power. Initiate the Knight Industries Protocol. It is a full-auto energy SMG with the best accuracy in its class.

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All weapons, perks, and power-ups in Spaceland Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon, perk, or power-up in Zombies In Spaceland: Once you have completed the individual sequences, hit the switches at the same time to cause the Alien Boss to spawn. Since the weapon is a full-auto energy rifle, you can quickly clear an area with it.

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It is a full-auto shotgun that can quickly kill multiple zombies. The second location is in the Polar Peak gift shop, on the cash register counter near the ramp that leads up to the power switch. You will also get an auto-nuke, max ammo, and 1, points. It is best used for medium and long range combat. The first location for the boombox is the lower bridge outside the spawn, behind the yellow "Proto-Popcorn" cart.

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Interact with the speakers so you recreate the exact lights sequence on the UFO. Assault Rifle in Multiplayer mode to unlock the Diamond camo for all weapons in that class.

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It is found in the Journey Into Space district and creates an aura of electricity around the player that damages all nearby zombies. From Cosmic Way, look at the back of the large circular Spaceland sign above the two bridges that link the spawn to the hub.

The Alien Boss is difficult to defeat -- he has a huge health bar, and summons additional closest casino to elmira ny while running toward your teammates. The description and video below show how to get the "Shredder" weapon, which is the easiest one to unlock.

You need to play them in such a way that the tones play in ascending order.

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The second location is on a yellow lunch table in the eating area opposite from the Chromosphere trap in Kepler System. It is found on the backside of the spawn area and allows the player to automatically be revived once after dying.

You can only carry one souvenir coin at a time -- so once you collect one, immediately put it into a souvenir station.

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The third location is in Journey Into Space in the dark corner next to the Star Mission rocket ship trap control panel. Playing gambling winnings taxes Tones in Correct Order: The areas you need to go are random each time, but it will be three of those areas listed above.

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Collect it to complete the Easter Egg and get the "Sooooul Key" achievement.