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How to make 10 slot backpack aura kingdom, a new item...

Once the recipient accepts the COD Mail, the payment will be sent back to you via mail.

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Selling Via COD Mail To Start, you open up your mail by clicking the little envelope icon on the bottom left hand corner of your minimap Which is displayed in the top right hand corner of your User Interface. Now, we have even added fusion scrolls in the Serena Bags.

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Once you have all of your items set, check to make sure everything is how you want it, listed for the quantities and prices you want. Of course, if you are not willing to donate to get the non-tradeable ones, you can always save your AP by login in order to buy them.

Click on this button once.

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By clicking on this button you will open the following screen: The Title Bars above displayed items: Once you set an item, select the price you with to sell it for. For a small fee and a large convenience, use the Auctioneer for all your buying and selling needs!

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And one may add that, the tradable backpacks purchase from the AP store Using real money will very likely be useless, if such an implementation is possible. I know its bug at the moment, but it will be fixed in our next maintenance. The Auctioneers can be found in Navea city at xy for Sally and xy for Matthew.

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In this screen, drag the item you want to sell to the little box, like shown below and set your desired price: Such as the tradable bags. Other Aura Kingdom Articles.

Of course I can see why if it's financial need, as to why point 1 might not be possible, but I would still be interested in seeing point 2 implemented if possible. So we don't have intentions to also modify the non-tradeable slots. Once all that is done, your character will sit down looking something like this: In any event, don't get me wrong here.

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Drag the items you wish to sell into the box on the top left hand corner of the Stall Interface. Speak to one of these NPCs to get started peddling your wares… for a price.

You can filter the buying menu by item quality, level, price, and keyword. P if it bothers people that there isn't a 15 and 20 one and cant be put in share warehouse ;3 here another one just incase http: Sort, Salvage, Fortify, Fuse and Sell.

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Also I know Serena gambles Backpacks - And that's a great way to obtain backpacks. On another note, would it be possible to have non-tradable bags be upgradable to 20 slots? Mail In addition to the Auctioneers there is also a person-speicific selling methods called C. Non tradeable items cannot be placed in the shared warehouse. The Gold will be sent to the seller via mail.

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What I'd be interested in knowing, is if this would be possible. The non tradeable slots you get for free, or almost free, from the game are an extra, a bonus, a gift to the players so they can have some more -much needed- space in their inventories. That is to say, if you click price once after opening a category, the sale items you are browsing will be sorted from highest to lowest price.

Select the mail to open it. Check to make sure the item and price are correct. So I'm sure she won't change her mind.

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But that's a gamble, kinda like Paragon, and I don't like to gamble, as do many others. The buttons are, in order from left to right: I've donated to the server already, as a matter of fact, I've donated twice at the maximum capacity. I was curious and I searched to see if this was suggested before would it be possible to have non-tradable bag slots work for the bank storage, such as Costumes, Shared Storage, and Secret Stone Storage?

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