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Then Rod Serling's voice says, "A warm welcome back to those of you who made it and a friendly word of warning; something you won't find in any guidebook.

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That door is opening once again, and this time, it's opening for you". The thief has the highest speed in the game which allows him to plow through groups of enemies. The self-propulsion system used in the vehicles often causes some long and complicated downtimes which are, of course, frustrating to cast members and guests.

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The Archer is probably the least used class in the game. So if you hit the back enemy of four, this will be divided between four.

The voice of Rod Serling said "You are the passengers of a most uncommon elevator, about to take the strangest journey of your lives. Tower of Terror Soundtrack Source On-Ride video While retaining the same exact concept and theme of the original attraction in Florida, the version at Disney California Adventure Park had some major differences.

Works with your damage stat determined by your weapon to determine the amount of damage per hit. Since each vehicle loads and unloads from the same point, it also saves space. Higher level spells require higher focus in order to earn the same level of boost.

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This can also be a negative if you are targeting a single dangerous enemy who is located at the back of the line. These boosts take effect immediately. The Cleric also has a chance to heal your party after every attack.

The Sorcerer can also cast certain buffs along with an offensive shield that damages any monster attempting to inflict melee damage on you.

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The archer is slightly stronger but slower than the thief. Speed-boosting rings and seeds of speed can help combine the juggernaut's raw power with additional blows to kill multiple enemies. Garden at the Florida hotel entrance.

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The doors open to reveal a corridor populated by the five lost ghostly occupants fromwho then disappear. Not as powerful at fighting as Warriors, they also have less mana than Clerics. After the elevator moves into the shaft, the randomly-selected drop sequence begins. The current slogan for the ride is "Never the Same Fear Twice!!

In order for the Templar to be an effective tank, one must prioritize vitality and defense over spirit and focus. When financial troubles again hit Disney's Parisian resort, the attraction was put on hold.

CLERIC A support class who is ineffective at melee fighting and lacks any attacking spells, but tribes ascend slot 4 invaluable healing and defensive buff spells.

A door closes, placing riders in darkness as the elevator ascended. Despite the backlash, the ride officially closed on January 3, with the new ride opened on May 27, At the top, the doors open again and the car mysteriously moves forward out of the shaft, through a section of the ride called "The Fifth Dimension": Their melee ability is less than warriors but more than clerics.

Riders witness the bizarre, unsettling nature of the hotel as they travel beyond the realm of the real world and further into the "5th Dimension".

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Other effects were also added, including new projection images of the breaking window, wind effects, ominous black-lit figures of the five ghostly original riders and even fake endings. A second later, the guests' elevator began its drop sequence: He makes an effective shield for the rest of the team. The passengers' reflection then disappears as Serling says "For you have just entered From this point, guests are lead into the hotel's library to wait as their "rooms are still being prepped".

Since the archer is using a ranged weapon, he is not affected by enemy shield spells. The most logical choice.

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Templars high vitality means they have a similar capacity to absorb damage as warriors, which is helpful as they also throw themselves in front of blows aimed at weaker party members. This can be mitigated by taking a few Seeds of Focus away from your Sorcerer. The most powerful melee character in the game. The Juggernaut can only make a viable tank if strongly boosted in Vitality, and one should only attempt this if one plans to have a party makeup that does not include the previous two classes.

Tribes Ascend: Twinfusor Update - New Skins, Voice Packs, and Weapons, oh my!

Any Seeds of Vitality you come across should go to your tank. The Templar has a high Vitality and will occasionally shield teammates. Increases your total mana pool if applicable.