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There are a few cards left in the shoe part of the machine anywhere from 1 to 20 or so that are not shuffled.

I did not mind, so I cut the deck. On a CSM blackjack game, 5 deck, what would be the effect of the dealer not putting discards back into the machine every hand if 24 of 52 cards in the discard rack were face cards? What about 48 of ? Surely that is a ridiculous notion. Jon from Doylestown, PA In a non-cut-card game, the house advantage is always the same for the non-counter.

If you are using basic strategy, then the shufflers actually lower the house edge slightly, due to the omission of the cut card effect. Assuming this King was the bottom card and was left in the shuffler, it would have been in play in this first shoe the cut was in rear portion of the deck.

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This would be the same kind of thing as preferential shuffling, in which the dealer of a hand held game shuffles when the count is good but deals another round on a bad count. Clumps of high or low cards are just as likely to appear at the beginning of the shoe, as the middle, as the end.

What would be the effect if 44 of 52 cards were non-face cards? When playing online blackjack, how do you tell when the deck is shuffled? So the benefit of a continuous shuffler is worth less than removing a single deck.

The Basics of Shuffle-Tracking The idea is to track slugs of cards that contain lots of ten-value cards and aces.

Team Shuffle-Tracking

You have ample time to do this because multi-deck shoe-games are dealt face-up. For those who missed it I just added blackjack appendix 10 to my site, which explains the effect on the house edge under both a cut card and continuous shuffler game. Also note that if the dealer is using an automatic shuffling machine, you should not attempt to shuffle track at that table.

Have you ever heard of anything called the house shuffle? For reasons I explain in my blackjack appendix 10the basic strategy player should prefer a game with a continuous shuffler, if his goal is to minimize the house edge.

The Basics of Shuffle-Tracking

However, if you track the cards between these announcements you will sometimes see the same card twice, which is impossible in a single-deck game, assuming you believe them about when they shuffle.

John from London, Canada For those who don't understand what you're asking, there are new machines that take the blackjack discards and place them randomly back in the deck after each hand. Upon completion of this shoe, the missing blackjack shuffle from the previous shoe a king was found in the un-dealt portion of the second shoe. I play Microgaming casinos which you report as using 1 deckbut I do not know if each time I play if it is a new deck, and there are no signs of knowing when the deck is shuffled.

However, the shuffling machine allows the dealer to waste less time shuffling and spend more time dealing. Aside from that, the house edge casino thun not affected by penetration. If I remember correctly, Cryptologic casinos do indeed indicate when they are shuffling their eight-deck shoe.

Blackjack shuffle blackjack on a continuous shuffling 5-deck system, are the odds of winning different than playing the dealer with 1 deck or 2 decks? This is because one of you will get the cut-card a bigger percentage of the time, allowing the team to control the position of the play-zone in the new shoe, which should be right at the top.

While playing blackjack at a locals casino in Las Vegas, a dealer from another locals casino sat at my table. How closely does it approximate the actual manual shuffling of cards in a casino? Others shuffle at random times but do not indicate exactly when to the player. I know they speed up the number of hands per hour which is usually bad for the player, but is basic strategy still effective in this instance?

Usually the term "house shuffle" refers to the way the dealers are supposed to shuffle. Dividing that by six, for the six-deck game, the effect is an increase in house edge of 0.

You seem to be suggesting that the cards are more clumpy at the end of the deck.

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And then you bet big right off the bat! Because you can cut those unplayed cards, usually about a deck and half of the six decks, so that they appear at the top of the next shoe. However, if the count were negative then hitting would be all the better. Doesn't basic strategy slightly change depending on the number of decks?

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