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Jonathan Barnes The Somnambulist Well here's something else. You'll maybe be reminded more of Rosamund Lehmann and Elizabeth Taylor in the emotional and playful tone, rather than the lowlife criminal atmosphere we expect from LBC.

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An aristocratic vampire has been murdered, an attack by cyber-alligators ensues, as do sundry swarms, explosions and murders. The use of locations is less adventurous - Whitechapel is where murders always happen in alternative Victorian Londons as well as in the more realistic ones elsewhere on this page, it seems.

There are other big cities in the UK outside London you know.

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These bonus payouts apply even if the hand was the result of a split. The house edge on the insurance is Pitt is sent undercover to track anarchists in the East End, leaving his wife to cope as best she can without him, and with the task of finding further evidence of Adinett's guilt, including a motive, so as to shock the mysterious hidden men of power into putting Pitt back in his job.

And grip this one does, with convincing and detailed topographic description, authentic grime and squalor, and a plot both comfortably familiar and pleasingly convoluted, involving the mysterious death of a music hall singer and the subsequent disappearance and possible suicide of her friend.

We return regularly to a pair of undamaged lovers in bed, talking loving tosh and exchanging fluids, in a way that seems to be ironic counterpoint to grim real life, but I suspect is not so simply intended.

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The only slip-up is the use of mogadore. Rules[ edit ] Spanish 21 is played on a blackjack table with a custom layout and uses the following rules: The plot grips as usual, but the setting - Spitalfields and Whitechapel - is less than fresh in recent London fiction and leads to some not unexpected Jack the Ripper business, which is a bit of a lazy choice.

Lee Jackson London dust The author is the man behind www.

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A player may win on both cards; e. To effect the plot the other main character becomes her maid, but she turns out to be In some venues, the dealer hits on a soft 17 abbreviated as H17though most venues have the dealer stand on soft 17 S But there is gothic fog, no-nonsense females, a plot to destroy London, strange technology, weird sex, a golem figure very fashionable at the moment and a key role for a famous Victorian, in this case a poet.

House edge[ edit ] The following tables list the Spanish 21 house edges for all rule sets found in North America.

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And the fact of all the male characters being villains or milksops, whilst the women are all admirable and noble - with even the worst of them acting nobly at the end, just prior to her hanging - is maybe a little simplistic and pre-post-feminist, if you see what I mean.

But she does it all so exceptionally well, with barely a foot put wrong, and authenticity so thick and sticky you'll need to clean your glasses regularly as you read. It promises to be the first in a series and I eagerly await the further adventures of this very winning duo. Onan, their malodorous and dubiously-named dog, never made it into print back then, I think.

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Essie Fox Elijah's Mermaid This is verily a tale full of foundlings, one of them with a tail, sort of. The trials of our heroines keeps you reading, though, and the London scenes are very fragrant.