Muskie slot size How To Fish Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair

Muskie slot size. How To Fish Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair | About Fishing

Standing timber can be a place to catch winter bass at Oconee but Sinclair does not have it. Oconee will drop a foot or two during the day and Sinclair will rise the same amount, then Sinclair will drop a foot or two at night while Oconee rises. At night some of the generators are reversed, pumping water from Sinclair back into Oconee.

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It has miles of shoreline covered with golf courses, expensive houses and docks. A sharp pulling hook set is not required, just maintain tension and the fish will hook itself in the corner of the mouth as the fish moves away. We open around 19th of May with housekeeping cabins and the American plan meal deal Ross Lake regulations are as follows: Small hooks allows the live-bait presentation to look natural.

Crankbaits also work well around docks in both lakes. The riprap at Crooked Creek can be good and riprap around houses and docks on points on the main lake muskie slot size holds fish, especially if the sun is warming it.

They are available in a assortment of painted or metallic colors. Also check out the riprap around the steam plant outflow in that creek. These hooks can be expensive compared to conventional hooks, but the advantage is a super sharp hook right out of the package. On Oconee the humps and points from the dam up to the mouth of Richland Creek are good. You can locate schools of baitfish with bass under them with a good depthfinder then get right on top of the school and drop a spoon.

That way you can find the appropriate hook, weight, bobber for most fishing situations. The pump-back operation does keep both lakes at a fairly stable water level. The salmon egg hook is used primarily for drift fishing along current by using natural or imitation salmon eggs, spawn sacs, worms and grubs for Salmon and Trout.

You can catch fish on the I riprap up the river, too. Stay on main lake areas where the docks are deeper and concentrate on outside posts and brush this time of year. The bottom is also rounded and bent upwards.

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Used for live bait and lures. On Oconee there are good pockets from the mouth of Lick Creek to the dam.

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Mark them with a buoy to you can stay on them. Sliding Sinker Bottom Rig The sliding sinker bottom rig is the most popular and versatile rig for live bait fishing.

The numbers are good and success rates reflect this, meaning you should catch a good number of bass on either lake this winter. The same principle applies in using sinkers for your set-up use the lightest possible sinker in order to detect fish strikes.