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Archived from the original on December 10, No remains, all signs of the fort were removed by the construction of the 8th Avenue Reservoir atop the hill. Construction[ edit ] The Block House was constructed in as a defensive military redoubt. A map of the Forks of the Ohio. The marker shown here is situated at the base of the hill in Reservoir Park.

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The forge line, simply a stockade closing on the block-house, leaves the interior open to blockhouse casino from the works in the rear, so that no enemy could hold the battery, should he succeed in carrying it. Henry Bouquet initiated the construction of a small number of redoubts around the outer walls of the fort as a way to reinforce its defense, [note 1] of which only the Fort Pitt Block House survives.

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The Block House is labeled as "Bouquet's Redoubt". Archived from the original on 9 July It is fitting that this old landmark, rich in historic associations of more than a century ago, should fall into the hands of those who by birth, tradition, and sentiment are particularly fitted to receive and preserve it and perpetuate the memories of the days when it was occupied by the French and their Indian allies, and afterwards by the British and Colonial troops.

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This was a small fort with earthen parapets, a crushed stone glacis and armed with light artillery pieces. Retrieved 15 July Had Fort Morton been finished of the magnitude originally intended, its powerful armament might have accomplished that object by deluging the hill by its fire. Photographs from the war show the blockhouse situated on the south rim of Kirkpatrick hill which would be outside the current reservoir.

You are to preserve and keep this relic of a bygone past, and to gather and preserve all obtainable history and tradition in regard to it, and you are to beautify and adorn it and to make it the receptacle of relics bearing on the Colonial and Revolutionary periods of its existence.

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With the loss of Fort Henry 6 Feb and Fort Donelson 16 Feb the Confederate position in Nashville became untenable and they surrendered the city on 25 Feb This is a map published in of the area of Pittsburgh now known as Point State Park". No public access to the Reservoir or to the plaques at the entrance.

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The two faces were directed upon Morton and Negley, so as to expose the hill to the fire of these forts. A section of the reservoir, visible today, collapsed insending 25 million gallons of water into the streets. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

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Archived from the original on 11 November — via Wikimedia Commons. A schematic contemporary with the construction of the fort, also excluding the Block House.

The city water reservoir sits atop Kirkpatrick Hill, the site of Federal Blockhouse Casino during the Civil War, built by the Federal occupation forces as part of the fortifications surrounding the city to the south and the west.