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Madden 16 slot option. Triple Option Scheme

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This exploits an over aggressive backside defensive end who is trying to run down the running back from behind. Perfect them and you will be an unstoppable beast that even the best sim players will have difficulty defending. You no longer need as many backups in your lineup like having 5 punt return slots.

There are 13 Solo Battles per week. That means that each week you'll be playing current MUT teams stocked with fresh player items. Each of the three concepts mentioned before use either the inside run or a fake of the inside run to get the defense to bite.

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The cross was one of the easiest routes to complete in Madden 15 and it was especially lethal after being set up by a power run game and play action. However, the cross is your most likely ally with the linebackers playing up to stop the short run or pass.

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As with any offense, you should mix things up and try to set up your opponent. But if you have done your job setting up the run and using your constraint plays, four verts is going to allow you to hit a few big plays in the passing game.

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They are designed to keep the defense honest and prevent them from stacking the box and bringing extra pressure to stop the run. Inside Zone The staple running play of the spread option is the inside zone. Kelly wants to attack you at your weakest point. Run a couple of off tackle plays from the same formation and then drop a counter on them.

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For example, say you come out in a 3 x 1 formation three WRs on one side and one on the other. Read Option Once you have established the inside run and proven you can move the ball casino avenue de lombez toulouse it, the defense will likely start over pursuing off the edge to try and make a play on the ball carrier behind the line of scrimmage.

These Squads Challenges will vary quite a bit from one another, and EA plans on producing weekly challenges and updating them throughout the entire year. Usually he is in a one-on-one situation with the safety if there is one to that side and it can often go for a big gain. Yes, it produces big plays through the air, but the entire concept is to dominate by running the ball.

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However, most guys have absolutely no idea how to defend it. As with every play in this offense, it is a situational tool. So, he wants to run bubbles when he has a numbers advantage on the outside. It is all designed around pounding the ball with the inside run and then attacking an overaggressive defense that overcompensates in attempt to shut your base run game down.

EA has said they have focused on making pursuit angles better and keeping the option more balanced. They might try blitzing off the edge or even sending a cornerback to corral the QB should he keep the ball. The reason being is that with the bubble, your outside WRs can get leverage on their blocking assignments.

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Slants and crossers are great yardage gainers but so are quick outs and flat plays. If the defense comes out with only two defenders lined across from those three WRs, the QB will often audible to a bubble to exploit that mismatch. The inside zone is designed to be run at the A gap between the center and guard prix parking casino monaco is the play almost all of the other plays in the playbook are designed around.

That can be an effective strategy and can give you a decent gain sometimes. The shotgun running game was far too overpowered. In Madden 15 bubble screens did not work well so you were forced to use WR screens. You can and should also work in the deep in trailing the cross and the opposite streak depending on what the defense gives you.

If the end crashes down on the back, the quarterback pulls the ball back and takes off around the line where the DE just vacated. There is a sizeable "First-Win" bonus and an extra incentive to beat each of the challenges at least once per week.

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That allows the other two WRs to wall off their defenders and create running room to the outside for the bubble receiver. Each Solo Battle is a full game with 3 minute quarters.

This is when you dip into your tool box and pull out your screens and bubbles. You can replay Squads Challenges as many times as you'd like. There are now 25 spots on offense and 25 spots on defense that count toward Chemistry as long as they are in their natural position they will count even if they never play.

That gets magnified even further when they are sitting in a Cover 2 shell and playing under coverage. So with that, I wanted to make a primer on how to run this popular offense in a sim manner. Four verts has had a lot of negative pub around the sim community and rightfully so.

We plan on allowing any playbook in the game this year though as we are hoping some of the flaws in the AI from Madden 15 have been addressed.

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As was the read option. There are 20 some shotgun formations in the Eagles playbook. If the defense obliges and leaves six or less in the box, you keep running it while mixing in some dives, off tackle, etc. They are just asking you, and you should oblige, with beating them deep over the top with four verts.

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