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Wins can be moved to the top game via the, start save button, or can be cashed. Bet5 is played on the middle 3 reels. On a couple of occasions, this was the second stunt, and the Worminator took the fourth-round slot.

You then select a torpedo to fire.

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Vermin competed in five events. Wins can be doubled in the head-tail game, can be cashed with the collect reset button, or can be moved to the top game by pressing. In addition, as the second time limit counted down, a cage containing the player's teammate lowered towards the lava pit. Screenshots Review If there's one thing that's guaranteed to terrify you, it has to be Halloween.

Walhalla Walhalla features a set of 4 reels, which are played in both the basic game and the top game. Upon being told what item was encountered in the hallway, it was the teammate's job to match the item to the corresponding blank to score five points.


The Abyss had one member of the team attempt to scale a cliff littered with numbers, with the aid of three rope ladders. Each skull snatched meant that one bag of skulls was placed on a platform by a CGI lava pit.

If all three balls were dropped, or if the team did not deposit any balls in the bins within 35 seconds, both teammates were vaporized. Cash fountain Cash fountain features 3 reels in the basic game and 4 reels in the top game.

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Final round[ edit ] Skullduggery was the endgame of the day. One player started outside the house, jumping on a trampoline in an effort to grab skulls off hooks for 15 seconds.

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Usually, the winning team would receive Apple computers, while the runners up would receive a set of the Grolier New Book of Knowledge. The basic game on the Random twinner is played on 3 reels antigua and barbuda gambling license 1 credit per spin on 1 payline.

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The Incredible Shrinking Room was always the third round, and required teams to find the missing letter in each of six words within 40 seconds. Halloween Prepare to be spooked by this downright creepy 5 reel 9 line free slots machine, which comes with a whole host of frightening terrors, as well as scatters, wilds, multipliers and a free spins round.

The Swamp from Hell was an occasional stand-in for the Worminator. In one occasion, Time ran out on a team despite the player activating the lights on the vampire a few seconds later. Fireball Alley had one member of each team defending a set of six headstones from the fireballs of the computer-generated skull named Digger.

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Spin 2, 3, 4 or 5 of this terror in the night and you can expect to receive a total bet multiplier of 2, 5, 10 or x respectively. Each right answer earns 5 points; the stunt goes for 90 seconds or until the player on the cliff falls off the ladders and is vaporized, or when all 5 questions are used up.

Wild wild west 3 sheriff badge symbols on the reels of the Wild wild west give a prize of 20 credits. Any questions or comments about Slots. When the arrows next to the reels are lit, you will also win a prize when a winning combination appears.

Beachball symbols give a mystery prize.