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Cryonicists are people who are sincerely attempting to extend the lives of themselves and their loved-ones, not insincere hucksters motivated by money.

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Guyota U. The more these technologies progress, the more these technologies will be available to be of benefit to people of all socio-economics levels.

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Is cryonics a racket that exploits desperate people? For young or middle-aged people in good health the cost of life insurance is no more expensive than a cigarette habit. Other uses[ edit ] Bangkok Hiltonan Australian television miniseries Chip Hilton Player of the Year Awardpresented to a basketball player who has demonstrated personal character both on and off the court Conrad N.

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Will insurance companies have to be repaid after reanimation? Like conventional medicine, cryonics is not designed to exploit desperate people, even though people can be desperate for the service. Some insurance representatives have questioned that a cryonics organization has an insurable interest in the life of a cryonicist who has made the organization the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

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Some money may be allocated for a team of people to stand by waiting for pronouncement of death so they can quickly begin cooldown and cardiopulmonary support. Companies, including those that issue equities, set their prices to make a profit in real after-inflation terms, otherwise they would be out of business.


Are people in the cryonics business making lots of money? Cryonicists must struggle with public perceptions of what they are doing, with personal beliefs concerning the capacity of future technology to repair severely damaged tissues and with the wisdom as well as the emotional disposition of persons who might be eager to purchase false hope concerning a recently deceased loved-one.

Why does cryonics cost so much?

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Directors on the Boards of cryonics organizations receive no pay at all. In order to survive cryonics organizations have learned to be "hard nosed" to ensure that funding is in place for perpetual care. If that happens, the amount of principal should not decline, but should be large enough to grow.

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Despite the high cost, it is not necessary to be rich to pay for cryonics. The same can be said of cryonics technology.

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One fund-raising campaign did succeed for a paraplegic man living on welfare who is widely respected for his passionate interest in cryonics. Insurance companies calculate premiums required to make a profit based on expected time until legal death.

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In most cases cryonicists would be much better advised to spend their money on improving the quality of their own cryopreservation.