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Promise, hindi mo kaya 'yan You can't take them. Kung alcoholic ako, wala sana akong trabaho. Wala naman akong ginagawa sa inyo, hindi ko naman kayo kilala. The industry knows my record, how professional I am, and I have never beat up my child. A few of notable fights that were talked about through the years Well known celebrity squabbles that hit the headlines or have trended As much as people look up to celebrities and treat them as gods, they are still normal people—they are susceptible to giving in and forgetting about their celebrity demeanors and engage in fights, too.

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You're not just ruining Albie's reputation but our family's as well. She then told him not to show himself to her in public "kasi papatayin ka ng mga 'yan they will kill you.

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This is Andi's revenge'. Albie's camp believes three individuals were involved: Jeron is currently resting at home but his basketball comeback is still uncertain.

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Kapag hindi kayo pinigilan ng mga tao, baka pinatay n'yo ako Why did you do that? Here are some of the most controversial celebrity fights that happened in the past: I didn't even do anything to you; I don't even know you.

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It ended up with the players casino near laurel ms multiple stab wounds from what revealed to be a ring knife. If people didn't stop you, you would probably have killed me.

Albie had this to say about his attackers: Sinisira mo hindi lang si Albie kundi yung pamilya namin That's enough, Andi.

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After all, they are still humans. At lalong di ko pinalaking sinungaling ang mga anak ko. But in the midst of the competition, the two teams got into a brawl; involving quite a number of Gilas players.

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It is irresponsible of the media to name him as one of the attackers when he is not even proven to be invved in the matter. It was also said that actress Maja Salvador was the cause of the fight as she was in a relationship with Matteo that time and Coco was her partner in a series called Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

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I curl up like this and my feet are up and they just started stomping on me," said Albie. If I were an alcoholic, I wouldn't have a job. It means they still get extremely happy and extremely upset. Alam ng industry ang record ko, how professional I am, and hindi ko kailanman binubugbog anak ko. It's also possible that they will file a complaint against Andi. It's too much, Andi.

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But for the record, my mom never hurt me.