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It was located at the intersection of two major railroads the Mexican Central Railway and the Mexican International Railroad and was proximate to the Nazas Riverwhich irrigated the surrounding area, making it a suitable location for growing cotton.

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Furthermore, no witnesses reported any form of resistance by the Chinese. It is very probable that during the battle a mob will spring up and sack the stores. The airport is only 5 kilometers away. Background[ edit ] Chinese immigration to Mexico began as early as the 17th century, with a number settling in Mexico City.

Yuan Kwai, a Chinese diplomat in Washington, D. More popular flight deals to Torreon TRC.


In June casino wellingborough dispatched his partner, Arthur Bassett, to carry out the investigation. The contention that the Chinese offered resistance is pure fabrication, invented by the officers of the revolutionary army for the sole purpose of escaping the punishment which the commission of such a heinous crime would naturally entail upon them.

In the event, the Hai Chi docked in Cuba after visiting the United States and halted there while the diplomatic crisis played out, and did not go on to Mexico.

In another instance a Chinaman was pulled to pieces in the street by horses hitched to his arms and legs. In many instances ropes were tied to the bodies of the Chinamen and they were dragged through the streets by men on horseback. They proposed to pay China in bonds.

The tribunal came to the conclusion that the Maderistas had "committed atrocities", but the soldiers defended themselves by asserting that the Chinese had been armed and the massacre was an act of self-defense. All of the doors and windows of the building were destroyed.

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The deadline for payment was later extended to 15 February This ended the casino los angeles torreon coahuila. The eurosport slot mag also built the city's first tram line.

After the trouble is over we will try to arrange a settlement. For this reason, we advise all our people, when the crowds assemble, to close your door and hide yourself and under no circumstances open your places for business or go outside to see the fighting.

Instead of targeting Chinese specifically, they wrote: However, tourists can find some historic buildings in the center of the city. Lojero ordered a retreat, and his forces abandoned the city under cover of darkness between two and four in the morning on Monday, 15 May, during a heavy rainstorm. Therefore, opposing the Chinese was an indirect way to oppose the dictatorship.

He had recently founded the China Reform Association to restore the Guangxu Emperor to power, and was visiting Chinese colonies worldwide to fund the Association.

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Byanother had been killed in Mexico City, and in Piedras Negras.