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I note that you have both and s, and if I can't find the s here in Australia, I think I'll get some from you. There are masthead navigation lights, cabin interior light and a reading light.

It's a wonder it lasts as long as it does. Make sure that the fat pressure washer is immediately under the nut. The resin ballast has been professionally checked and found to be sound. Using a smaller fan may not cause any real problems -- the doghouse fan is enough to cool two-liter Type 4 engines installed in Beetles, so the smaller fan must have a slight over capacity for it's usual engines too.

With five shims between the pulley halves the belt was just a little tight. Rob responded - Yes, you can have a belt too tight, and this puts extra strain on the generator bearing nearest the fan belt. No rust expansion of the encapsulated iron work was seen.

If the fan is the older type there would be a bigger gap as it is 5mm narrower than the later type.

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Overwintered in own barn. He tried putting the extra shims under the nut, but then he couldn't get the nut on. From there the air is blown primarily down through the cylinders but also in cold weather through nozzles on the sides of the fan shroud, through the heater boxes and to the front of the car to provide warmth in the winter.

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Rob elaborated - That means the longer wider belt will ride in the same place in the alternator pulley with an extra shim or two as the shorter thinner belt, but it will be stronger for the bigger doghouse fan and the higher output alternator.

You have to use the impact driver to remove the nut simply because it's difficult to keep the shaft from turning when trying to remove the nut counterclockwise.

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Rob responded - So there is no difference in the engine pulleys generator, alternator modelsthen. Then, go after the fan nut on the other end with the impact driver. There is a boat hook, a whisker pole, emergency oars and paddles.


My thought was that if the alternator belt fits the generator models, I'd use the wider stronger belt on my two generator VWs. The earlier fan is 32mm and the later fan is 35mm. The fan is encased in a fan housing often referred to as the fan shroud which is attached to the engine tin to make an air-tight assembly.

See our article on the Alternator Pulley. There should be only a tiny gap between the two if the fan and alternator attachment plate are correct. Also in the fan housing, bolted to the top of the crankcase with appropriate seals, is an oil cooler which stands up in the stream of air like a radiator and cools the oil which is pumped through it.

The boat has not been in the sea since for anything other than a short time.

caveat emptor!

Dave's mechanic said the he had "never heard of a failure like this The bowsprit was replaced with a new item from Cornish Crabbers in Then, of course, once the whole assembly is reinstalled in the car, the pulley nut must be removed to get the fan belt on.

The fan is the prime mover in the car's cooling system, as described above. While putting on the fan belt I discovered that the fan is rubbing slightly on the inside of the fan housing. Inertia of the fan and alternator should make it easy enough to loosen. Even a cracked spare is better than no belt! In later models the oil cooler is located just forward of the main body of the fan housing, with the housing tin molded around it.

I think it also has a "flat" in the hole 4hp slot it won't rotate. The connecting rod has appropriate jigs and jogs in it to get around the oil cooler and things. Rob was skeptical and said that such a spacer really shouldn't be needed. It's a 3-minute job don't forget a 10mm socket and ratchet to get the backing plates off.

Rob reported that he has usually found it a bit difficult to start the nut, as the slack belt tends to fall into the center of the pulley halves. It was last serviced by Robin Curnow of Penryn in Decemberand has been little used since.

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Regarding belt tension adjustment -- more shims inside for a shorter newer belt, and less shims for a longer worn belt. And indeed it did. The fan is attached to the front front of the generator or alternator and is driven along with the generator or alternator by a belt from the crankshaft pulley.

When you remove 4hp slot engine, looking at the fan will show instantly if it's the right one and correctly mounted.