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Side-Bet Side-Count - You can specify a separate count, including face card and suit-awareness, to determine when to make side bets. It has been extensively tested and verifies deck contents successfully after every shuffle. On an Intel high-end dual-core chip, up to 10 million rounds a second can be run.

These are now supported: In phase one, you will use buttons to control the game and print the state of the game to the console using print statements.

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The on-line Help has also been improved. Multi-Card Index Tables - You can now specify different indexes or decisions based on the number of cards in your hand. All ten thousand stats are combined and displayed as if one sim had been run. Remember to use the string method for cards to convert each card object into a string. Custom Side Bets - These are like Custom Bonuses but require a side bet, are only bet on specified counts and crown casino perth groove bar stats by true count to aid in determining strategies.

But, I won't declare it non-experimental until after a few more months of testing. If the value of the player's hand is less than or equal to the dealer's hand, the dealer wins. Up to CD indexes can be used in a strategy: For example, you could define the rule 'suited pays 7: In particular, passing the mouse over the 53data displays will provide information on the contents.

The purpose is a more realistic calculation of advantage that doesn't always assume perfect playing conditions. Remember the dealer wins ties in our version. If the output matches, it is likely that your implementation of the class is correct.

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A separate strategy is supported to indicate when to discard the Split hand. If the round is still in play, you should draw an image of the back of a card provided in the template over the dealer's first hole card to hide it.

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For details on the many types of errors simulated see Blackjack Error Simulation. In the second phase, you will replace the print statements by drawing images and text on the canvas and add some extra game logic.

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Remove Seat Effect - This feature rotates the players among the seats to allow a fair comparison of different strategies in the same sim. The player may then ask for the dealer to repeatedly "hit" his hand by dealing him another card.

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Discard after Double supported. If, at any point, the value of the player's hand exceeds 21, the player is "busted" and loses immediately. Custom output screen - Create your own output screen with charts if desired.