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I have two other copper toasters and I like copper. T20 thru VT40 in June The Toaster Museum has an article about this toaster here. There are actually three grids. When it is returned to the center position it turns the power to the coils off and raises the toast. Previous flatbed toasters were simply a flat grid over the heating coils and one either had to risk burning fingers to turn the toast or risk electrocution by the use of a fork.

It is not at first obvious but to a collector, it is serious damage. One is stationary above the heating elements. Art Deco through and through!

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This toaster did not protect the coils well obvious in the photo and they were often damaged. Fairly expensive for a two-slice toaster. This is the instruction card that accompanied the toaster. It was different in several ways, obviously the slots were crosswise rather than the usual lengthwise configuration. The level at the end is rotated to either side, which lowers the bread into the toaster and starts the toasting.

This design did lot last long. All of the Toastmaster toasters are heavy, well made, with thick chrome and quality bakelite furnishings. Some just because they are pretty. It is heavy, and an interesting variable in the extraordinary maze of toaster designs that appeared in the s.

This one has been gently used and is in very good condition. Here are three, two manufactured by Westinghouse, Canada. My everyday toaster is a Breville with extra long slots. The large plug had an on-off switch and the toaster elements dualit 4 slot toaster cream hot until it was turned off. It has its original cord and works quite well.

This one has seen a lot of use and is not very pretty but the inside coils are full intact and functional. It is one thing to have good design but the working parts must actually work. Jenn-Air discontinued the line in early Also there are numbers on the bottoms of both.

When the lever is pushed down the bread is lowered and it begins heating but you have to estimate when to raise the toast when it is done. Closeup of the ID plate. In Toastmaster introduced the single-slice And in Toastmaster incorporated pneumatic shock absorbers and the tension could be adjusted to keep the bread from being ejected from the toaster.

At the same time the company introduced a 4-slice pop-up toaster — another early innovation from this company. This one needs a bit of cleaning. Most of these have been packed away and have to be rediscovered and again brought out into the light of day.

When it has toasted, the bread drops down on each side.

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They were built to last and they certainly have. It is heavy and built to last. The company produced quality electrics that were more expensive than comparable appliances of the time.