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Why was that important to that population of students? We're used to teaching the same way, do the same things over and preschool slots but, we forget we are changing.

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What was the population of children? We know that preschool program slots are limited nationally.

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I would be comfortable going to her and saying, "I have six parents that really, really want to learn to read English. So what should a well-rounded curriculum for young ELL's include?

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And so in mentoring and guiding teachers first of all, it's incumbent upon me to model. Is it they, themselves, learning a second language? We used them as, you know, models for, if you're holding a baby, you could say this is how you walk, this is how you sing, these are some examples, and so forth.

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What do I need to do to slow down my speaking notes? I categorized them by theme because my whole thing was when a child was really motivated to read and they wanted to read a book and they said, "Can we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Would you make any changes, based on the information presented in the webcast?

And do you have those books in both Spanish and English?

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And that was a really the beauty of it was that because I was one of the first dual language teachers in our district, a lot of the people that had those books or found those books or however way they would gift them to me, and so, parents in the community who have those types of books who can gift them to teachers, that's a wonderful resource.

Well that's very interesting, and how did you use technology to support instruction? It's something that needs to occur for that professional over time as well, to be able to make sure that they're using appropriate strategies as situations change, how to work with families, how to work with defiance more inventory slots, how to work with students.

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Make sure your shower curtain liner will fit in the hole with plenty of overlap on all sides. Becky Palacios Well, technology was awesome because I knew that children were learning in a variety of ways, and, as I alluded to previously, interactive white boards, computers, using those types of things are very important as well as the concrete manipulatives you use every day to make things real and part of your hands-on learning, but using technology is something that these kids are going to be so used to.

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And then you have to label the picture that you labeling or the actual puppet that was there. Well, you need a quality professional development.

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Excellent, what kind, let's talk about assessments. Using language in context, assessing them in a multitude of ways, and it's hard for me to give examples because there's so many of them throughout the year that they progress through.