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Optiplex 330 slots. Upgrade OptiPlex Desktop- Upgrading RAM on Dell OptiPlex Computer

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Review the documentation included with the card for further assistance. Great For Desk-centric and remote task workers, knowledge workers or institutional collaborators who need a device that will empower productivity.

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Place the metal bracket on the side of the graphics card in the gap between the computer case and the motherboard. A good one would be an Optiplexin MT size. Finally, in fact this box w 1gb works better than the single core w 3g ram. I do not know if i installed wrongly.

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At least it is dual core that replaces the old box that was single. Screw the card to the OptiPlex. If replacing the existing graphics card, unscrew it from the case and pull it out from its slot to remove it. I will keep this "defective carbon unit.

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Great For Large-scale office and schools as well as secure, fixed-point clients such as government, healthcare, education and financial services, and public spaces. Find the PCI slots, positioned near the rear of optiplex 330 slots motherboard. Great For Desk-centric and remote task workers, knowledge workers, and institutional collaborators looking for a powerful partner.

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Touch the case to ground to prevent a static electricity discharge. Lift up the retention latch, if applicable, or squeeze either end of the retention mechanism and pull it upward with your other hand to remove it from the case.

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Slide the release latch, located near the back of the computer case, while lifting the cover. Thanks for your good input. Things Needed Phillips-head screwdriver Tips Installation instructions vary depending on the OptiPlex's product number.

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The only reason I am messing with this old machine is that it was given to me by a family member and in like new condition. To improve video performance on an OptiPlex, install a dedicated graphics card to one of the peripheral component interconnect slots on the motherboard.


Ranbe also has more than six years of professional information-technology experience, specializing in computer architecture, operating systems, networking, server administration, virtualization and Web design. Push the card down into the PCI slot.

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Press "Windows-R" to open Run. Line up the notches on the end of the graphics card with the gaps in the expansion socket.

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Push the tab securing the retention latch to the case. Open the cover and remove the panel from the tabs securing it to the case. I had a used 2gb module, it smoked on one chip.