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Even the keyboard keys manage to be loud, though we like the overall low profile of the keyboard. There is no easier way to get back to a factory-fresh state than with a protected restore partition.

The XPS easily passed the three-figure frames-per-second threshold at medium settings 1, by resolution in the DirectX10 test Crysis fps and the DirectX 11 test Lost Planet 2 fpsroughly doubling the frame rates of the HP Phoenix h9z. We like seeing the 2 easy-to-access front USB 3. Note that we invited an impartial third party to come over and surf on the system for 5 minutes.

In addition, there are 4 more USB 2. Performance is as good or better than most of the PCs we have tested lately, with the fast Core i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM making short work out of all the tasks we threw at it We weren't wild about Dell's newest wireless keyboard, which has a good typing feel but a laptop-style layout, with small Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys located above the numeric keypad instead of full-sized ones between the keypad and primary keys.

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And, it has a very loud scroll wheel Steerike 3. Bloatware factor was on the light side. We also appreciate the vertical mount of the front USB 3.

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With bleeding edge tech to take the XPS into the future, should the day come when some upgrades are needed, there is room for expansion too, with free PCI Express and RAM slots, small and large drive bays, free power supply and SATA connectors, and some headroom on the power supply. It has no smooth scroll option Strike 2.

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We think this may be one of the most annoying mice we have ever used. Total of 10, 4 of which are USB 3.

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Other good features we liked were the quiet operation, attractive design, and truly useful inclusions such as Dell's Support Center app and a dedicated restore partition. The two ports now appear in the midst of the mid-tower's chrome-accented glossy black front panel, below the optical drive bays and the four-slot memory-card reader.

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If for no other reason, we like the Dell Support Center app because of all the information it provides almost like having a functional copy of Everest again. We liked having USB 3. The power supply is rated at watts, and the eXtreme power supply calculator recommends a watt supply for the installed components if you count the current class of GPU, or watts without a GPU.

It is wired Strike 1.

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