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I thought you just needed a pee!

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I licked the full shaft of my toy and made it wet, before asking Georgie to lay back on the bed and spread her legs. I glanced back and noticed he had quite a nice tight little butt, despite his lack of tan. Returning my attention to where Georgie had been, I noticed the man she had acknowledged was also missing.

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We established a lovely rhythm of fucking and licking, with Georgie's hand back over her head, her legs and hips slowly starting to fuck the dildo faster and deeper as I licked her pussy. I remained hidden from crown casino fighter, but enjoyed the show they were putting on.

Putting my arm around her waist, we headed to the pool for a much needed swim, feed, drink and sunbathe session.

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I noted with interest that she ignored the nearby change room, preferring to walk the length of the pool towards the far end bathrooms crown casino fighter the recently arrived group of men. After all, she was my best friend! Diving in, I knew my butt crack would be displayed if I allowed myself to surface slowly whilst still swimming breaststroke.

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Georgie is an excellent cocksucker, and I was enjoying her performance so much, that I reached down inside my black thong and found my clit. The pool is set under a gorgeous rooftop, and surrounded by private decking areas where you can sunbake, relax, read the paper and order food and drink. In front, it plunged slightly between my breasts, but was more classy than sexy.

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Soon I was really jamming the jelly toy into her cunt, my tongue going crazy with it's flicking motion, until she screamed out and began to thrash and writher all over the bed, almost breaking my jaw as she dislodged my tongue from her clit in the midst of her climax! They must have been English, because they were very white.

We must have both dozed off, because the next thing I knew, Steve, my husband, was standing over us both as we lay asleep cuddling on the bed!

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Georgie's eyes looked at me and her facial contact, along with the cumming cock that began to spurt into her hungry cock sucking mouth, send me over the edge into my own orgasm. This is a story about one particular adventure I had when I visited Crown recently.

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Reaching forward with the dildo, I eased the first inch or so into her pussy, continuing to lick and wet the shaft with my spit as I flicked her clit with my tongue in the way only us girls know how to do. Georgie too did same, before we put our sunnies back on, grabbed some tanning oil and took it in turns coating each other in the slippery, coconut smelling sunscreen.

Covered in oil, our bodies shimmering, we relaxed until a waiter came over, and we ordered pina colada cocktails to get us in the mood.

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