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After one of your chars has read the book the text of the whole book will be permanently listed in the recipe tab click on the note symbol next to the minimap and stay there even if you sell the book afterwards.

Ripples continues the story of Louis de Richet as plots are laid bare, characters reach their breaking point, and an unexpected, terrifying truth is uncovered. The music and spectacle is impressive and highly entertaining, but training Martial Warriors for a performance dance feels like a massive waste of time and resources, especially cabbage.

None could say for certain, but should things progress as they are, we will soon find out.

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So much wasted cabbage. I get what they were going for, the lions are the outer provinces while the dragon is the East, and though we may butt heads from time to time, we must now unite against the Defiled else all will be lost. Even if you want to save the rare crafting materials just upgrading your weapons and armor through anvil, whetstone and the mobile kitchen gives you a significant boost.

Following an invitation by an influential crime family, each character will face the other participants in a game of cards where only the best will fly to Vegas to challenge the Godfather himself.

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I merely speculated the octopus might think the same. After millennia of conflict, the Enemy has finally breached our defences, and the West has fallen. Only yesterday morning, on this stage, Falling Rain defeated his peers to become the number one talent in the Empire.

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The first forge can be found in Cyseal near the Abandoned House. Your forged strength based melee weapons are better than most of the non-unique weapons that you can find.

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Test your skills in the new X Challenge mode, which pits players against two deadly bosses at once. Throughout the city, cabbages hang from rooftops and balconies, and the lions are more than happy to partake, climbing walls and divinity blackjack out convoluted, gravity-defying feats of acrobatics to devour their leafy offerings.

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Does my level or skill level affect the items? Bolstered by the courage of these brave individuals, the pride holds its ground and form up behind their champions, prepared to fight to the death and bring this invader to its knees. The dragon and lions, once bitter rivals, join forces to fight the dark interlopers and eventually defeat the invaders to carry the day, though at great loss as the cabbages are all destroyed in the bitter struggle.

This makes searching for the right tool so much faster and you can also make use of the inventory filter when you are crafting if you open the backpack first.

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Staring enviously at the loving trio, Luo-Luo wondered if Lord Husband used his Talent on them often, sharing his innermost emotions with them in a unique and unheard of manner.

Each lion sports an oversized head complete with a working mouth, blinking eyes, and twitching ears, though how the performers move them is a mystery.

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Mila rolls her eyes while Lin and the twins all laugh when I voice my confusion, but Luo-Luo chimes in with a helpful explanation. Maybe I could get lion costumes for the animals.

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A few simple words has the audience ready to ride out and meet the Defiled on the field of combat. Any further dissension will be punished to the full extent of the law, whether the perpetrator be noble or common born.

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The audience watches with bated breath as the wary, motionless lions stare at the city, their fangs bared and eyes open in preparation to defend their gathered wealth.

What a terrifying ability, to make someone feel loved.

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When you combine the piles again, you can select whether you want to craft or stack the items and how many of them you want to create. After chewing their prize, the lion will lift its head to the sky and spit out shredded cabbage in an explosion of tattered green ribbons, before moving on to find its next offering and repeating the process.

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Just throw all the crafting tools together in one backpack. Upgrade each member of your squadron with their personal skill tree and take on the Aces with up to three friends in epic 4-player local co-op battles.

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