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Leave it all night, or just a few hours.

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With Battlemania fragment skill you can fight these things almost non stop. Youre bound to come out on top. The time the machine give the best odd is when it say "It's like a hot summer's day!

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Now, use a rubber band to hold LB button ffxiii-2 serendipity slot tips keep the machine running. This frag you must win 10, coins by gambling either with Slots or Chocobo Races!

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When NPC tells you she is not in good mood, exit the building and re-enter. You can start woth end with and still get it. Once you are on Episode 5, you can get a sliver chocobo by using a moogle throw at the center of the green sphere where you meet Hope.

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I recommend starting your slots session with at least 1, CC. Even if you dont make lots of easy coin, you will come closer to unlocking a very difficult to find fragment called the Lucky Coin.

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Good mood means higher chance to get the jackpot. Once you have WON 10, coins, exit the slot machine and achievement will pop-up. Slot Machines are pretty much effortless to play.

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When NPC says something nice about the weather moodgive it a go! Your final coins count should be 10, coins more than your starting number e. Infinite Undiscovery Mistaken for a renowned hero, Capell is thrust into a conflict to sever the chains that bind the moon to his world.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Serendipity - My Slots Longest Winning Streak so far

I think you need to win You should see a noticeable difference in how many payouts you get. It keeps a total of how much you have won but not how much you spent.

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The fal'Cie itself, or perhaps a copy of it, is still present though only visible during a cutscene in Sazh's episode. If youre lucky, youll gain a massive amount of Casino Coins. Serendipity is a casino in Final Fantasy where you can play.