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There is a gift box at the entrance.

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Head past this door to find a Safe Room. Now head across the walkway and down the stairs at the very end. Climb the crates over to the north side to find a chest and the Green Terminal. Now head inside the farthest locked room to crawl through a vent and face another powerful Shadow in there.

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Head north to find a small vent, crawl inside the vent near the northernmost dice room. Following that head to the west side to enter the Dice Area. Follow the gray arrow on the map in the east side, it will take you to the Dice Game.

Time to send a calling card. Still, decline to speak about the team.

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Once you are done with Shadows, head to the scales to deposit your winnings and cross the bridge to get the treasure before returning to the real world. For that, you have to answer that there is a glass lid. After the cut-scene concludes, crawl through the vent on the left side and west towards the stairs.

He is persistent to all kinds of attacks except Electric, Psychic and Nuclear.

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Back to Casino, enter the palace, on the south of lift there is a safe house, and first stairs on the left will take you to staff passageway. Head down the path and through a door to find some crates. Nijima's Palace the Casino: Using the quick travel point choose member floor.

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Follow on to try a few other rooms and eventually Akechi will pull you aside to confirm that the dices are rigged. Stick to the left-hand-side wall until you come across a vent.

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And so she becomes the next target of Phantom Thieves. Now return to the machine and win 50, coins. Return to the real world! After a few round, you will be asked if you have figured out the mechanism. Goro Akechi in School Festival: Staff Passageway Once you emerge on the other side of the vent, you will find yourself in another staff passageway.

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You can head to the next and final chapter where the Phantom Thieves fight with the final boss Shido.