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The Deadskins will now win 10 in a row, roll thru the playoffs and win it all! He served as its first chairman. In the opening round Bonecrusher tried to rush Page as he had levi jones casino Witherspoon, however was decked himself for his efforts, and was outpunched easily by Page over the 10 round distance.

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Smith looked under-prepared as he was banged around and generally outhustled by Billups. He dropped the usually durable Witherspoon three times in the opening round, scoring a first-round knockout and winning the WBA title in an upset.

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Mason will be picked up immediately by someone soon though. This time Smith was resigned to having to win a dull 12 round points decision over Weaver, although he did score a knockdown in a brief moment of excitement. The lopsided decision saw Smith lose eleven rounds on two scorecards and all twelve on another, and the professional consequences were worse as Tyson's management refused to allow Smith to fight on any Tyson undercards afterwards.

The fact that he knows the system make to much sense I guess. First Mike Williams, now Levi Jones. However he lost his world levi jones casino and all his momentum in November when he dropped a shocking round decision to club fighter Levi Billups who had a patchy 15—5 record.

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Kevin from Philly says: Smith was dropped in 4 rounds with body shots, and counted out. Mumbles will be the one that pays for his inactivity, not teabag. Having been outboxed with relative ease by Bruno for the first nine rounds, he unleashed a salvo of power punches to KO Bruno in the tenth and final round, and qualified for a world title shot.

Smith's career appeared to be over. Still active innow aged 39 and with a 33—9—1 record, Smith regained some credibility with a round decision over Mark Wills.

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Smith was back in the ring only two months later, KOing journeyman Calvin Jones jaw and followed up with three more knockouts before being matched with former victim Mike Weaver in a battle of hard hitting ex-champs. The Detroit Lions signed Shaun McDonald to a two-year deal yesterday, reuniting the free agent wide receiver with former St.

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Seems as though the Redskins are doing a bang up job of piecing together an O-line of washed up, first round busts. Okay, now things are getting straightened out. Later that year he traveled to Europe to drop a points decision to German Axel Schulzand in Denmark he was stopped in 5 rounds due to a cut from a headbuttcourtesy of Brian Nielsen.

Everyone BUT the midget knows what needs to be done. He followed it up with two round decisions over Jesse Ferguson 14—2 and David Bey 15—2arguably his most important decision wins.

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Yeah, I can see the reason for the OL guy. He announced his retirement after the loss and said he would now pursue politics.