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You can see at a glance if all your alts are at least honored with Honor Hold if you want to get the new 2. The only visual difference is the icon used in your bag slots, your bank bag slots, and in your inventory.

Item slot-numbers

For example, when purchasing an heirloom for a shamanyou want to buy a mail heirloom item, which will scale down to leather when equipped on the shaman until the shaman reaches level 40, when it will become mail again. Because characters don't typically get any shoulder or head gear until after level 20, putting any lower-armor-type XP enhancing heirloom you may have sitting around like cloth, which all can wear on even a mail or leather class will be helpful until you start getting equipment for what would otherwise just be just an empty slot.

Display item level of your items on the character screen. Very useful when purchasing stuff for your alts at the AH. Right-clicking any equipment piece will allow you to find an upgrade, this feature is similar to the official wow armory feature, and is quite performant, even though it doesn't match the accuracy of the official one.

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Brykrys for the LinkWrangler support. Once item level is shown, there is no way to detect the equipment change of raider except player and update automatically.

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More to come later. To force inspection window to show gears, user must inspect the target again ASAP. Obtaining the correct item level take at least 1 second per person, it will be longer when the server is busy.

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Threshold configurable up to 15 days. Inventory space is a critical resource in WoW and inventory management is an important aspect of game play.

Re: Item slot-numbers

Special bags give the player more slots to store items than regular bags of equivalent level and are generally cheaper than regular bags of the same sizewith the trade-off of only being able to put certain types of items in them.

Heirloom item restrictions are skill based and not class based.

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During combat, no inspection is done and all buttons are unclickable except Guild, Officer, Raid, Instance, Party and Target buttons. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do: Thanks to Laumac for the frFR translation.

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It's still not final, and although it has considerably evolved since the initial release, there are still a lot of things I haven't had time to implement yet. Right click on the unit frame will target the unit. When moving the mouse over a unit frame in OiLvL frame, it will show tooltips of the current unit. This saves money when leveling your character.

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User can mark all the unit frames. Suggestions on how to grind reputations will be available soon. The experience bonuses stack with each other and with the rested bonus, and affect experience gains from questsbut do not stack with Essence of Wintergrasp.

The change of color of the current raid frame indicate the addon is inspecting the gears of the raider.

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Black background means the raider cannot be inspected because of out of range. You have 10 alts in 10 different guilds on the same server, all of them with access to a guild bank? The Roll Frame will sort the roll automatically.

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The user can move the mouse over the character again or just wait about 1 to 2 seconds to get correct item level. Bags in your bank slots are considered to be 'equipped' for binding purposes but not 'being carried'.

The Search menu allows you to find items based on their name even partiallevel, type or rarity, almost like at the AH.

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You can swap out entire bags between your bank slots and your carried slots. Making a donation, using the donate button Support me on Patreon: You can either search bags on the current realm, on all realms, or a loot table.

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It will only check equipped item level during out of combat. From there, players can upgrade their heirlooms to be effective for more levels, and to make copies of the heirlooms to use on a character. Bags can be stored in your inventory unequippedbut bags inside of other bags must be empty thus they do not nest more than two deep.