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Adding loose tenons strengthens these joints. Glue on the clamp block. To rout the aprons, I use double-faced tape to install a shim equal in thickness to the inset between the apron and the block Photo It is a common tool in the woodshop of professional woodworkersbut because of its specialized nature, many amateur woodworkers would not make enough use of it to justify the moderately high cost and space this tool takes up in the woodshop.

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Position a test piece on the jig, using the horizontal work holder Photo 2. Adjust the toggle clamps to hold the work securely. Install toggle clamps on the work holders see Sources. Install the stop blocks to establish the length of the mortise Photo 5.

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Build the jig 1. First, plane a length of stock to fit the mortises.

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Reposition the bit and rout the inside mortises Photo Some smaller and less expensive models, suitable for cutting only narrow mortises are available. The outside post mortises are deeper, so their tenons can be longer.

Just scribe a centerline across each mortise, and align it with the registration line on the block Photo 7. Other methods of cutting mortises[ edit ] The Reuleaux triangle rotating inside a constant sized square Traditionally, a mortise would be cut by hand, using a chisel and mallet.

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However, due to the precision of fit required for a mortise and tenon joint, this can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Center the mortises across the thickness of the workpiece. The Greenlee Company still manufactures mortisers, as do a large number of other power tool manufacturers. Lay out an edge mortise Photo 1. However, for larger mortises, a common type of bit tenon slot modern mortisers is a Harry Watt square drill bit, in which a bit with a Reuleaux triangle cross section is allowed to "wobble" while it rotates within a square with rounded corners[ citation needed ].

Tenon slot are thus very expensive, sometimes as much as the rest of the mortiser. Chain mortiser[ edit ] For cutting larger mortises such as those used in timber frame construction, chain mortisers are commonly used. Clamp the horizontal work holder to the mortising block.

Reinforce a cope and stick joint Routed cope and stick joints look great, but their stub tenon construction may not be suitable for large cabinet doors. A floating tenon is where both the pieces of wood that are to be joined have aligned mortises cut into them and a separate piece of wood is milled into a fitted tenon which is glued into the two mortises.

Draw a registration line centered on the face and top of the mortising block. You can use off-the-shelf bits and just about any plunge tenon slot, but a precision edge guide is a must. The router sits on top of the block and overhangs the workpiece.

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I installed longer threaded spindles on all the clamps and used a lb. Lock down the edge guide and set the plunge depth. The mortising block This jig holds the workpiece, supports the router and controls its movement Fig. Only one line is essential: Instead, just fasten a stop on the jig against the end of your test piece and use it to register the workpieces.

Loose tenon table joint In this construction, the apron usually is inset from the leg faces.