Terraza casino paco roncero Paco Roncero presents the refurbished Terraza del Casino

Terraza casino paco roncero. Casino de Madrid Socios

How to have the world served to you on a plate In this new era, details such as the bread service or the presentation of the sweet have evolved and take centre stage in a new way of understanding dining room service.

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According to Jaime, to me, La Terraza del Casino has always been a platform for experimenting, a temple to cuisine, but also a place where interior design becomes an art where colour flows and the furniture tells stories, details that describe dreams.

Creations that represent the fusion of great classics of international cuisines, where terraza casino paco roncero excellent raw material gets all the attention to produce a unique experience for the palate.

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In January he earned his first Michelin star, becoming the first private Club in Europe to receive a star. It is this stage of his career that saw his creative personality bloom, representing a genuine revolution for the NH Collection Casino de Madrid and the Spanish culinary panorama.

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Haute couture also has its place in this new era thanks to Tom Black, who has designed the new staff uniforms. Converted into a stage where imagination can be perceived by the five senses, the restaurant surprises with its new gastronomic experience and the change in setting of the restaurant, the work of designer Jaime Hayon.


Furthermore, interaction with diners becomes the highlight, making the experience in the restaurant a real gastronomic performance in which everyone from kitchen to front of house staff are involved to offer a show that is savoured with the five senses. The person entrusted with redefining the interior was designer Jaime Hayon, acknowledged internationally as one of the current leading figures in the world of design.

Products and services The chef reinvents the concept of haute cuisine with an innovative proposal in which his cooking and excellent raw materials are the true protagonists. The exterior and interior area has been refurbished.

Este es Paco Roncero. Aunque hay quien dice que no.

The exterior terrace is the work of Julio Guixeres. Haute cuisine with haute couture It is not just La Terraza del Casino that has dressed up for the occasion. Specifically, Jaime has been responsible for giving the restaurant a new lease of life, turning it into a warm space where creativity and imagination are given free rein.

About La Terraza del Casino Located in the penthouse of NH Collection Casino de Madrid, in the heart of the Spanish capital, the La Terraza del Casino Restaurant has two Michelin stars and three Suns awarded by the Repsol Guide as recognition of the cuisine, as well as the special care given to other aspects terraza casino paco roncero as the dining area, decorated by Jaime Hayon, or the wine cellar, with more than wine references.

The Chef, holder of two Michelin stars, presents us what has been his home for the last 18 years, lovelier than ever, and shows us his cuisine at his prime. A new era full of magic, creativity and plenty of cuisine is here, announced Paco Roncero on his social media.

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These are premium category hotels, including unique and authentic buildings, both historical and contemporary, in the best locations of the leading cities. All this in blue and green aquamarine tones, against which golden decorative elements stand out.

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The image of the waiters has also changed, created by Tom Black. About Paco Roncero He is one of the leading figures in Spanish avant-garde cuisine both in our country and beyond our borders.

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A technical and creative cutting-edge approach that is reflected not only in a style of cooking, but also in the way of offering and understanding gastronomy as a unique sensory experience. Five years later he was appointed head chef of the banquets department of that establishment and was promoted in to head chef of the Casino including management of banquets and the La Terraza del Casino restaurant, by then under the management of NH Hotel Group.

Gourmet Design As well as sharing a great friendship and the same passion for creating, chef Paco Roncero and designer Jaime Hayon have something else in common:

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