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Definitely invest in the Blind Fire skill before taking your Arbalest into a dungeon. Stand Tall is also helpful if you have a companion at death's door but there's still plenty more rooms waiting to be invaded. Besides the basic Smite skill, Zealous Accusation should be on your list for its ability to hit two enemies at once, and Inspiring Cry offers stress reduction and a bonus to the light level.

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Likewise, Reject The Gods has too high a cost to offset what it offers, and Sharpen Spear takes up too much time for the small bonus to critical hits it offers. Vulnerability Hex can also be useful if you utilize classes that deal extra damage to marked targets.

When combined with other classes that also deal bonus damage to marked creatures — like the Bounty Hunter or Hound Master — this can be a devastating combo. Next up, Abyssal Artillery is the best skill the Occultist has, since it hits both back row enemies at the same time for moderate damage. Blinding Gas on the other hand is one of the most useful stun abilities in the game, since it hits both back row enemies at the same time.

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Damage Although his health and base damage aren't on par with the main front line fighters, the Highwayman makes an excellent addition to any party lineup with his ability to deal damage both from and to any position. Crush is obviously the basic skill you have to equip for damaging front line enemies, and from there your choices are simply how you want to buff yourself or debuff the enemy.

When employed in conjunction with other back row ranged attacks, it can make quick work of enemies hiding behind the bigger front row monsters.

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Slot 2 or Slot 1 Role: This latter option only heals a tiny amount of damage, but it gets rid of both bleed and blight without having to use any provisions, and that's a huge advantage if you ran out of money or didn't properly prepare for the quest at hand.

Each slot type is filled with only one particular weapon. Bounty Hunter Preferred position: Barbaric Yawp is a good choice for its stun ability, but don't forget it also debuffs you and means your Hellion will be dealing less damage during the rest of the encounter. Blind Fire, meanwhile, still lets you hit something from the front row, even if you don't control what enemy gets hit.

Lastly, the mid-air jump gives the robot unparalleled soaring speed, allowing it to very quickly close in and ambush on targets. Let us know if you've found any other skill combinations that work well, and tell us your preferred party lineup! Players are advised to use hit-and-run or ambush tactics, due to the Raven's unique Double Jump ability and low health when compared to brawlers.

Damage A very odd hero, the Abomination automatically gets all his class skills from the start and is capable of dishing out large amounts of damage, but he also has significant drawbacks. Where the Bounty Hunter shines is in conjunction with marking enemies.

Although Cry Havoc lowers the stress of all party members, it really isn't worth taking as the amount reduced is minuscule. When both of those classes are dead or being treated at the Sanitarium though, the Man-At-Arms is a good choice. At later levels, the Leper's accuracy goes steadily up, so you will no longer have to burn a round using the Revenge skill to ensure he'll actually hit what he swings at.

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With those skills locked down, from there you need to decide if you'd rather have the ability to cause blight with Plague Grenade or Noxious Blast, or instead have Battlefield Medicine on hand. Previously, players on the ground could lead their rockets, but the Raven can change direction in mid-air. Ability This robot has its own unique abilityessentially a modified Jump ability, called Double Jump.

While camping, each of the Highwayman's skills are powerful, but they all use up a full 4 rounds.

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The camping skills available to an Abominations usually come with big drawbacks, but offer big rewards as well. Until he levels up though, you'll want to equip your Leper with trinkets that increase accuracy and speed if possible. Solemnity is another must-have skill, since it makes the Leper a self-sustaining class that doesn't need a Vestal or other healer to keep him alive.

The stunning Shadow Fade skill, however, can only be used from the front two positions, so if you pick Lunge, use it in conjunction with Shadow Fade. The Abomination also has to transform into beast mode to use his most damaging skills, which raises the stress of every other hero in the party.

Mockery for instance, is helpful if one character hasn't been arbalest slot stress damage, as it lowers three companions' stress levels by 20 at the cost of raising one hero's stress by This skill requires the Jester move to the front to attack and then significantly lowers his damaging and dodging capabilities for the rest arbalest slot combat.

Bellow, Bolster, and Command can be helpful if you keep missing or get hit too often, but again it's usually more effective to kill an enemy than to buff yourself to make the combat go on longer. Plague Doctor Preferred position: Mace Bash is an fantastic skill to invest in even if this character remains in the back, as it means the Vestal won't be helpless and ineffective if your lineup gets rearranged and she ends up at the front.

For arbalest slot real powerhouse of melee damage, there's no reason not to take the Crusader and put the Leper in Slot 2 as well. This means that players on the ground will have to improve their accuracy and awareness in order to successfully hit the Raven in the air. Retribution is a good choice if you best animated slots other classes who deal extra damage against marked targets, while the rest of the skills have less utility function than you'd think.

For camping, pick up the Zealous Speech skill to drop everyone's stress at once, or instead use Zealous Vigil to drop the Crusader's stress and prevent an ambush.