Dragon ball xenoverse slots unlock How To Unlock All Dragon Ball Xenoverse Characters

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Instead, you need to play Parallel Quests, and the ones that have secret objectives have a chance to spawn Time Patrollers; beat them and there is a chance for Dragon Balls to drop from their loot table.

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You can use the Shenron wishes to unlock Super 17! We have chosen that name because it pays extra attention to slots, and gives players the chance to enjoy an immersive and an engaging slot experience.

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To summon Shenron again and make another wish, the 7 Dragon Balls need to be collected again. If you are a slot machine game developer and would like to feature your new slot game on our site, contact us and we will cover the criteria for inclusion in our catalog.

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Complete every single one of the 55 Parallel Quests in the game.

One for getting a material item and one for getting an important item. Please keep in mind that while our games use free credits; the casinos that appear on our site are for real money.

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Go up to the Time Patroller and accept his challenge for a fight. Mission number 15 appears popular to farm Dragon Balls as well.

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Next we show you a rundown of the different unlock methods for each character individually!