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Preparation pate a crepe casino, recette kebab : durum ou galette

But the salad has a wonderfully light oil and vinegar dressing, and the steak has a scrumptious creamy sauce that can't be beat.

When dinner is an important occasion it will be prepared the same way and with the same courses a full lunch would be. Preparation and presentation were excellent. Service is generally quick and attentive, and the only challenge is timing your arrival so as not to coincide with the many tourists and pre-theater patrons who flock to this wonderful bistro during dinner hour.

Menu choice is simple and straightforward It may either be a lunch-type meal, with multiple courses and the same foods one would serve for lunch, or it could be the same as a traditional Hungarian breakfast, with bread, cold cuts, cheeses, tomatoes and peppers as described above.

If you like steak and frites -- and only steak and frites -- you can't go wrong with Le Relais De Venise on Lexington and 52nd Street. Eggs fried, scrambled or boiled may also be part of breakfast. After some time to reflect on what selections we were going with our server took our orders for wine, appetizers, and main course. We await next year when we return.

It is eaten at all meals and often as a side to a main dish.

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The duck was moist and juicy and grilled as requested. Lunch is the major meal of the day, traditionally with several courses, but often just one course in modern times.

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These accompanied with bread and fresh vegetables, are often called 'cold dish', mainly consumed for breakfast or dinner, but sometimes offered as starter in restaurants. Typical times are as follows: Goulashthe quintessential "Hungarian" dish, is actually not eaten very frequently, it's a traditional food.

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Hungarian meal times are somewhat flexible. Bread is perhaps the most important and basic part of the Hungarian diet. We have found the staff to be friendly, professional, and efficient.

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In recent years, chefs have made Hungarian food into a creative art form, adding new ingredients and preparation styles that never existed in the past. Our server arrived almost immediately and shared information regarding the specials, which is how most entrees are presented.

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The pickled fermented vegetable products are often used in the Hungarian cuisine. That's pretty much it.

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General features[ edit ] Hungarian cuisine is mostly continental Central Europeanwith some elements from Eastern Europe such as the use of poppyand the popularity of kefir and quark. It is of worth to mention the wide selection of smoked pork products, which are a very important part of Hungarian cuisine.

Perhaps it is hard to find but worth the effort. Hot drinks are preferred for breakfast. They are attentive without being overly so.