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Watch the time, and make sure to get high scoring hands for the Play the Dealer round as you can score lots of snacks in the Dealer bonus round. Choose Hit under each hand to move that next card in the deck to one of your hands.

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There are four ways to earn snacks. Abramoff brags about using these profits to open restaurants and schools, but he always seems to be running low on cash -- and always looking for the next scam.

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Director George Hickenlooper -- who passed away in October of -- can't quite fine-tune the movie into the tight comedy it should have been; it's a little uneven in places and a little wobbly in others. There isn't much room for others in this kind of one-man show, but Lovitz gets in some nice moments as the sleazy, small-time hood.

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Spacey is clearly enjoying every manic moment here throwing in the occasional celebrity impression to bootand the screenplay by Norman Snider does a nice job of feeding his frenzy. Impress casino jack genre judges and earn a ribbon for your prize porker.

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How does he justify his behavior to himself? Why might we be interested in watching characters like Abramoff? Overall, it's an interesting, funny, and irreverent portrait of our troubled times.

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The biggest asset in Casino Jack is Spaceywho plays Abramoff as the cynical, snappy type of character he made so memorable in American Beauty. He and his partner, Michael Scanlon Barry Pepperalso become involved with a small-time, mafia-connected hood Jon Lovitz and some floating casinos.

More than one way There are other ways to earn snacks.

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If the four cards in your four hands form a straight such as 6, 7, 8, 9 or A, 2, 3, 4you'll earn a snack. Earn snacks for your pigs by making a casino jack genre of 21 with the cards dealt to you and get enough snacks to reach the next level.

Did you want to see him punished -- or get away scot free? Set up your hands so that they have a good scoring chance.

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Watch the time Think fast! The trick is that Jack doesn't know it.

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Add your rating See all 1 kid review. The most common way to earn a snack is to make a "21" with the four cards you are dealt face up, forming four different hands.

But to its credit, the movie gambles on a really nasty lead character and doesn't bother trying to make him "likeable. Why do you think that characters with lots of money are often prone to iffy behavior like strong language, multiple sex partners, and even violence?

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You must earn a certain number of snacks for your pig in order to move to the next level. You can also see the next card in the deck, face up.

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No, it's Snack Jack! You have a limited time to earn snacks.