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My guitar bass player is my old friend from high school. Lights and lasers dropped down from the ceiling and moved according to Foet's movements while he sung in his high-pitched and powerful voice. The audience, who were curiously passive throughout whole show, finally started getting up and moving.

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But Toon says education helped him restrain himself when having to make decisions on certain things. Thais all know that Toon is a keen athlete, a passionate ping-pong player, a soft spoken and kind-hearted kind of guy who fizzes with energy during performances.

Recent numbers from Slot Machine continue to find them pairing Thai sounds with other styles. Again, the lighting was top notch.

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In the same way he achieved much of his career success in singing through listening to a lot of music in the car while traveling with his family. As he swiped his hand above his head, a giant hand appeared in the projection and changed the image. Orbs of lights floated and moved above the stage, in different shapes and colours for each song.

Thai rock stars from Bodyslam and slot machine are using their talents to fight child labour

I would like it to start with each one of us. This makes the involvement of Toon and Foet particularly appropriate because not only slots casino tricks they very successful musicians, they are also good role models when it comes to showing the importance of education. Initially, Slot Machine featured a different cast of players besides Durongjirakan and Pintong.

Ending the acoustic set, the band ran back to the main stage and started playing their most famous and fast paced songs. Rock stars are often presented with a lot of temptations.

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Slot Machine's ultimate concert was a sight and sound show to behold 31 Aug at Foet loved to draw when he was young, but preferred to do it himself without taking lessons. A few gimmicks were so impressive -- like the folding and hovering lighting rack centre stage -- that you could barely focus on the song playing. And the only answer is education. Southeast Asia tends to get overshadowed.

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After an introductory video, which took the crowd on a journey through the depths of the universe, the curtains dropped, the crowd screamed and the band kicked off with one of their most famous songs, Chan Chao Goodbye. It was promoted as the band's ultimate concert -- and it showed. For two-and-a-half hours inside the completely packed arena they called "The Mothership", singer Karinyawat "Foet" Durongkijakarn, guitarist Janewit "Vit" Chanpanyawong, bassist Athirat "Gak" Pinthong and drummer Setharat "Auto" Pangjunant took the audience into a whole new world -- playing 26 songs and going full-on staging, lighting, fireworks and visuals.

Whatever we can do, we should do it. After a small break and a bit of some charming banter with the crowd, Foet asked everyone to turn on their phone lights, lighting up the arena like a sky full of stars as the band played Kum Keun Tee Dieaw Dai Lonely Night. In the decade that followed, Slot Machine have dabbled in a variety of rock-leaning sounds.

Ending the show with their megahit Pahn Yesterdayfireworks and a giant burst of confetti, the audience felt musically and visually fed.

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He then addressed foreigners in foet slot machine audience -- specifically the Japanese, Singaporeans and Australians, foet slot machine kicked off with Sky Burning Stars -- a song from their latest Spin The World English language album. They are comfortable playing speedy arena rockers, and can also peel off a dramatic ballad.

From then on, the band moved to centre stage, where the jaw-dropping stage lights started to unfold. What song, and why them? After the rush of Rudoo, Slot Machine then moved to the third stage for a slower and more relaxed acoustic set.

World Day Against Child Labour this year focuses particularly on the importance of quality education as a key step in tackling child labour, and the campaign message is: NO to child labour — YES to quality education! They are one of the first Thai bands to tour across Europe, the United States and Canada, not to mention around their native continent.

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The show reached peak levels of impressiveness when the band performed Rudoo Seasonswhere a montage of nature and natural disasters were being projected on a large screen on the main stage. From left, Vit, Foet and Gak. At the end of the song, Slot Machine came back on stage and joined in.

Foet, with his hands, was interacting with the video.

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The long and oddly shaped stage which looked like it was inspired by alien crop circleswas broken into three main sections with each stage having its own unique and jaw-dropping lighting and visual design.

For those who have money, you can help financially.

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Michel Posted on December 15, International attention towards the Asian music highlights holland casino has always gravitated towards Japan, Hong Kong and, especially in the last few years, South Korea. Inthey became the first Thai band to ever play the Fuji Rock Festival.

The band formed in the early noughties, hailing from the northern part of the country.