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Medical Shield; [Curseproof] Always protects against petrification. Bomb King Monster Arena Steal: Regenerates MP when walking in the field.

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Soldier Shield; Any 2 of: Mage's Guard; Any 2 of: Friend Sphere x1 Ability: Buzzerbeater; [SOS Overdrive] Here's a complete list of the available abilities. Green and teal highly stylized rod, and a blue and gold diagonally striped haft.

Ffx 4 slot armor drop first way is to have the bearer of [First Strike] use the Provoke special on the Great Marlboro - instead of using Bad Breath, he'll chew up and spit out that character. Looks a little like a big blue pumpkin. I used to have them on my site, but shortly after having posted them, they were immediately leeched and doctored without giving credit to the Ultimania guide from which they were scanned, so I took them down.

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Th'uban Monster Arena Steal: In the initial Japanese release, no. Soldier's Ring; Any 2 of: Gold Hourglass x20 Ability: Medical Ring; [Curseproof] Barrier Ring; [Fireproof], [Waterproof], [Lightningproof], or [Iceproof] in 3 slots of a 3 or 4-slotted armor Green bracer in two sections, with orange stitching down the center of each section, and white edges.

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Lightning Marble x1 Ability: If you're playing the original Japanese or US releases, ignore the [Ribbon] auto-ability. Anything that can take off more than 15, HP in one hit while you're in Protect status with defense would probably kill you in one hit regardless if how many HP you have.

Triple Score; [Triple AP] Tri-Rod; Any 3 of: Double Header; Any 2 of: So they're equally useful or useless, depending on your point of view.

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Capture at least 5 of each monster from the Fungus species for the Monster Arena, and the trainer will give you Pierces through armored enemies. Mana Sphere x2 Ability: And now, an armor example: Neslug Monster Arena Bribe: Always puts an enemy to sleep.

World Champion; Celestial Weapon - cannot be made through Customizing!

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Cerulean Ring; [Water Eater] PS - My birthday is the 25th, so try to hold off on the hate mail that day, 'kay? Casino luxembourg artist-in-residence weapons and armor are unremarkable until you add certain combinations of auto-abilities.

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Shield with an intricate navy and cobalt blue design, reinforced with gold banding, and an odd spiky shape that branches out four ways. If you're afflicted by any other negative status, such as Blind, Silence, Poison, or Curse, they will activate.

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Ochre Armguard; [Lightning Eater]