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To win, you'll need to complete three laps in under the time limit, which means you'll need to be constantly looking out for which panels to open or close. Finally, glide down to the bottom of the now free of water drain to stand on a pressure pad. Return to the top of the drain and look at the areas to the left and right to spot the numbers two and three underneath grab points.

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This time however, there is a hazard inside the hole on the far wall. This swaps his smaller riddler-bots colours from red to blue or from blue to red. Pinkney Orphanage - Riddler Boss Battle After you re-enter the orphanage with your completed riddles, approach the podium with a question mark to begin the final fight against the riddler.

As usual on the way down the Riddler will mock you and insult your intelligence. After the customary mocking you expect from the Riddler, the energy cube around him will vanish and a swarm of riddler-bots will emerge from the ground of the arena. After the third, the blades will not stop moving but will continue to slice across the whole room, the exit is on the roof where you came in from.

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Blades will come at you after each completed puzzle. Pinkney Orphanage - Final Exam Notes for this: This puzzle is a matter of following the path and swapping between characters to reveal more of the path. While the electric plate isn't instantly lethal, it will damage you making the upcoming fight harder to survive. The downside is the area is small and the electric floor is still active, so your attacks may move you onto it.

Riddlers revenge arkham knight gotham casino it is, roll back up the wall and attach yourself to point three. How is this a riddle anyway? The course will also as expected get progressively harder with the final lap being the worst. When all the lesser bots are destroyed, the Riddler will hunch down and begin summoning additional riddler-bots.

Thus making life rather complicated for you. However, Riddler has a few little surprises to make the fight more difficult: When the elevator stops, you'll find yourself facing a massive circular drain full of water.

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To begin with, Batman will need to stand on a pressure switch in the corner of the room. Smackdown - When you get very close to the Riddler, he will join his large robot's fists together and slam them down towards you, dealing significant damage. The race course features a long hallway with multiple doors more appear in quicker succesion on subsequent lapsfollowed by a branching path go left the first lap, right the second, and left the third.

Complete all three laps to win, and the Riddler will present you with the solution to a room full of keys - one of which is the one Catwoman needs. This will reveal the first puzzle solving area. Deliver him back to the GCPD lockup to finally put an end to this sidequest.

When you step onto the pressure plate, Riddler bots will spawn from the electric floor area and attack. Quickly tear through the remaining bots until only the Riddler remains. Pressing the panel will spawn two sentry turrets at the entrance of this hole.

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Once the mechanical minions are disposed of, retrieve the key from the container with Catwoman to move a step closer towards the end of this sidequest chain. Following this is several descending platforms you'll need to bring out, followed by a large area that requires a bit of wall driving and block navigating.

The idea here is to get rid of all the blue ones you can ignoring and avoiding the red riddler-bots until only red ones remain. Keep this in mind as you rumble around the track. Phew, that puzzle was very aptly named.

As usual you'll have to work out a board to reveal the key Catwoman should take in the orphanage. Ranelagh Ferry Terminal - Condamned Race time. You are going to need it.

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You'll need to use those same controls to override many of the gates during the race. These paths are followed by a corridor with gaps on the floor, so ride the wall or make paths appear. One of the key things to spot here is the colour differentiation between certain Riddler objects.

Continue the alternating character beatings and team takedowns until the Riddler is alone once again, then check the screen and beat his face.