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Axis control craps. Dice Setting & Rhythm Rolling for the Winning Craps player.

Then the fun will begin. As always, tuition for this event covers the cost for your seminar, any handout materials, or live session fees.

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Once again, we'll have prizes for the big winners. The goal is to have your dice be thrown and stop on the axis that it is thrown on. I have to stress that it is more important to just throw the dice perfectly on axis than to get them to stop rolling on axis because it is very hard to do this after they bounce off the wall.

Dice Setting and the "Sevens to Rolls Ratio" (SRR)

Our Golden Touch students can test themselves. No pressure - just fun times, and a great way to start your weekend. You have to acquire the skill by throwing real dice. When trying to figure out how to choose your dice set, you should take in mind what kinds of throws work best.

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The better the SRR, the more control. Don't be left in the wings.

Dice Control Guides

Please put Veteran's Reveille in your Subject line. Essentially, you start off by sticking the two dices together in order to throw them along an axis as if it were a solid rectangular block. Players may do this with hard way numbers and craps numbers as well. In the end, we should all be able to get on the same game.

Look at how well the dice actually stop directly on the axis. On Friday night we'll have a casual "Dutch treat" meet and greet get together at a location to be announced. This time we're not going to go the private table route. Shooters without axis-control must use the Hardways set, where the dice show hardways all around — 2: Please note that these live session tables will be open and on the casino floor.

Over many rolls, if the shooter has an SRR over 1: You can also call that number for a free brochure.

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In order to start beating the house edge on the pass line and come bets, you should have a ratio of 1: A ratio of 1: Some of these elite shooters actually have regulation craps tables in their homes, which they practice on. Though, if you have been doing this for years, the grand masters can actually become good enough to get the dice to stop on axis!

While these events are geared toward the seminar attendees, this one will be open to anyone who wants to attend. But lets begin at the beginning! So what kind of SRR would a student need, as a minimum, to have an edge?

Can a shooter actually change the odds of a craps game with his throwing technique? If you have served or are serving in any branch of the United States armed forces you are invited to join Heavy, Dice Coach, and Irishsetter at the tables for a live Veteran's Day Reveille craps session early Monday morning, November 11th. We will teach you how to bet based on what the table is giving you!

Close Online Craps Pages. We have a minimum of two live sessions planned for Sunday, axis control craps may add a third session, depending on how many of you want to hook up for live play. My word of advice is you can not become good at dice control by reading.

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You'll be invited to our Friday night meet and greet AND this special live in-casino session on Monday morning. This is similar to what I said before where you would like both dice to be thrown as if they were glued together and spin on a similar axis. First, dice sets are very important and paramount. This might all seem complicated at first but really, this becomes very easy once you start practicing.

You think you can control the dice?

Testing the notion that “precision shooters” can gain an edge at the craps tables

You want to produce a backspin if possible to counteract hitting the wall and you want to dice to land as close to the opposite wall as possible after hitting it to produce less randomness. To register by telephone and pay for your seminar by credit card, call Dice Coach direct at 1- Just focus on throwing them perfectly, which is the element that you can control.

We will talk about two major concepts of dice setting and precision shooting: An extensive nationwide listing of casino entertainment. This is what you do to get them "set" before throwing them. If you do get your dice to stop on the axis often, then do the opposite and do not put as many sevens on the faces.

SmartCraps is a software program that analyzes throws to determine if the shooter has axis control. Session lengths are subject to change, depending on casino and table conditions. Keep on practicing and figure out what your SRR to find out if you have good correlation going on.

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