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It is designed to be mounted in a standard inch rack. The switch is capable of building a route-table with up to prefixes, host-entries and multicast routes and up to VLANs are supported.

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Some details on the models are detailed below. The Nexus has many models: If more than one fan fails in one of these modules, you must replace the module.

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Nexus v[ edit ] The v is a virtual switch for use in virtual environments including both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V [2] It is as such not a physical box but a software application that interacts with the hypervisor so you can virtualize the networking environment and be able to configure your system as if all virtual servers have connections to a physical switch and include the capabilities that a switch offers such as multiple VLANs per virtual interface, layer-3 options, ak chin casino buffet hours features etc.

Nexus series[ edit ] Although the Nexus had some modular capabilities and you can attach the Nexus fabric extender to the range, the Nexus is the real modular switch in the Nexus family with six versions: Fan Modules The airflow direction should be the same for power supplies and fan modules.

It has a pin connector on the electrical interface and duplex LC connector on the optical interface.

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The has a single fan tray, two replaceable power-supplies on board and two separate out of band management interfaces. The series consists of 4 different models.

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The chassis can be the main fabric for the Nexus series fabric extenders. Figure identifies the components that you use to install or troubleshoot these modules.

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Both models support either front to back or back to front airflow and they do support Fibre Channel over Ethernet in combination with a 'full' FCoE switch e.

The switch has two power supplies and five fan modules on the front of the switch. It can operate as both layer2 and as layer3 switch and in combination with FEX fabric extenders you can aggregate up to ports at 1Gb or 10Gb.

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Previously, the Nexus series was meant to be focused on the Cisco 40G aggregation products, and the and series on 10G. Each fan module has four fans. The series offer carrier-grade layer2 and layer3 switching as well as the mentioned FCoE capabilities [15] The Nexus has 5 models: When the Nexus series were announced in it was expected that there would be Nexus series for IBM and Dell and not HP [14] but in February it became clear that Cisco canceled the Nexus d for the Dell Me [8] For the HP blade system Cisco released a Fabric Extender, which compares with the Nexus top of rack devices, but then in a blade-form factor.

The 1U rack-switch with 1, 10 and 40 Gb ethernet interfaces is designed for use in colo center.

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They can be used with the above-mentioned Nexus series fabric extender. Page 24 W DC power supply. However, these switches mostly shared common hardware components, ASICs, and the same software images, so recently the Cisco decided to merge the product portfolios.