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This allows blitter operation and control to proceed independently of, and concurrently with, the CPU. This allows all colors on screen at once and is an example of lossy image compression in hardware. However, virtually any bit rate can ocs slots selected, including all standard rates, MIDI rate, as well as extremely high custom rates.

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Agnus is the central chip in the design. When filling mode is on, it sets every pixel until filling mode is turned off or the line ends. The Copper can go further than this and change the background color often enough to make a blocky graphics display without using any bitmap graphics at all. It can be used to change video settings mid-frame. Uses of the Copper[ edit ] The Copper is most commonly used to set and reset the video hardware registers at the beginning of each frame.

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It controls all access to chip RAM from both the central processor and the other custom chips, using a complicated priority system. They are independently scrollable and the background color of the top playfield "shines through" to the underlying playfield.

This can be doubled using an interlaced display, and, as with horizontal resolution, increased using overscan, to a maximum of or for NTSC, and for PAL interlaced modes gaining one extra line as the maximum is determined by how many lines are taken from the available total by blanking and sync, and the total scanlines in non-interlaced modes are half the original, broadcast-spec odd-numbered interlaced counts, rounded down.

Denise[ edit ] Denise is programmed to fetch planar video data from one to five bitplanes and translate that into a color lookup. A paint program might use this feature to allow users to draw directly on a low resolution Hold-And-Modify HAM screen, while offering a high resolution toolbar at the top or bottom of the screen.

This made the Amiga particularly attractive as a character generator for titling videos and broadcast work, as it avoided the use and expense of AB roll and chromakey units that would be required without the genlock support. The Copper allows "re-use" of sprites; after a sprite has been drawn at its programmed location, the Copper can then immediately move it to a new location and it will be drawn again, even on the same scanline.

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This allows for very economical use of RAM, and balancing of CPU processing speed vs graphical sophistication when executing from Chip RAM as modes beyond 4bpp in lorez, or 2bpp in hires, use extra DMA channels that can slow or temporarily halt the CPU in addition to the usual non-conflicting channels. Normally the entire track is read or written in one shot, rather than sector-by-sector; this made it possible to get rid of most of the inter-sector gaps that most floppy disk formats need to safely prevent the "bleeding" of a written sector into the previously-existing header of the next sector due to speed variations of the drive.

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Using Copper or CPU register manipulations, each sprite 'channel' can be reused multiple times in a single frame to increase the total sprites per frame. As the original processor in Amigas tended only to access memory on every second available memory cycle, Agnus operates a system where "odd" memory access cycles are allocated first and as needed to time-critical custom chip DMA while any remaining cycles are available to the CPU, thus the CPU does not generally get locked out of memory access and does not appear to slow down.

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It can also apply a bit repeating pattern to the line. This allows the blitter to draw at pixel offsets that are not exactly multiples of Most commonly it is used to control video output, but it can write to most of the chipset registers and thus can be used ocs slots initiate blits, set audio registers, or interrupt the CPU.

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The Copper can also be used to program and operate the blitter. These colors are selected from a palette of colors four bits per RGB component. With one of the "modify"s, the red, green or blue component of the previous pixel is modified to the data value, and the other two components are held from the previous pixel.

The blitter's line mode draws single-pixel thick lines using Bresenham's line algorithm.

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As the pixel output is regulated black jack port wine the main system clock, which is based directly on the NTSC colorburst clock, these sizes very nearly fill the width of a standard television with only a thin "underscan" border between the graphics and the screen border when compared to many other contemporary home computers, for an appearance closer to a games console but with finer detail.

Blitter[ edit ] The blitter is a sub-component of Agnus. In Extra-HalfBrite EHBif a pixel is set on the sixth bitplane, the brightness of the regular 32 color pixel is halved.

Two sound channels are mixed into the left audio output, and the other two are mixed into the right output, producing stereo audio output.

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